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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Mailing list - Introduction of Puffahrt's Family History Surnames- [ I like you a whole bunch].

This is one of Manfred Puffahrt's earliest posts which caught my attention. Posted to Hannover mailing list. His father was an author in this area. It's rare to find someone who has family history surnames in the same areas that you research. He has a fantastic site as well. You can bet your boots that I contacted Mandfred Puffahrt off the list. The mailing list was one of the best things I did as I began my reserch in Germany. And it was free.

Müllerfamilien Janisch, Seil u.
Bauchen / [ This is from the older issues of the HannoverKingdom mailing list at rootsweb
Vorstellung Date: 2007/07/01 17:38:51 From: Manfred Puffahrt--

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

Mein Name ist Manfred Puffahrt und forschte
jetzt wieder im Wendland und in
der Görde.
Ich suche Literatur zu den Müllerfamilien in
NO – Niedersachsen
vor allen zu den Mühlen Bussau / Clenze und
Tangsehl bei Dahlenburg.
Außerdem forsche ich jetzt noch zu
weitere mehr.
Ich werde auch noch einiges senden zu diesen Familien.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Manfred Puffahrt
Google Translation:  My name is Manfred Puffahrt 
and I am doing research in Wendland of Goehrde.
I am looking for Mueller litature from Seisselberg, 
Daasch, Baacken, Janisch, Gerstenkorn, 
No.-Lowers Saxony above all to the
Mills Bussau / Clenze and Tangesehl by Dahlenburg
In addition I research Barge,Hase,Seil, Bauchen, Janisch, 
Gerstenkorn and more later.
Yours Sincerely, Manfred Puffahrt  
Source:  Newsletter of Hannover Kingdom Mailing list at Rootsweb mailing lists.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Genealogy - Familien namen Schoop, Fable Family History

Someone else with name Schoop in our Bleckede area and in Calhoun. It bears checking out their family history surnames and maybe more of ours. It doesseem everything goes to Harmstorf. It never hurts to keep our ears open.

Query at or rootsweb message boards

Surnames: Schoop, Koch, Fabel.
Am searching for siblings of Johann Heinrich Herman SCHOOP b. May 22, 1869 in Harmstorf, Hannover, Germany, near Bleckede. He married Martha Alma Frieda KOCH in November 11, 1898 in Hamburg, Germany. They came to the USA in 1902 and settled in Lohrville, Calhoun County, Iowa. His father was Johann Heinrich SCHOOP b. in Germany and his wife was Katherina FABEL, b. Germany. They lived and died near Bleckede, Hannover, Germany area. Some records are in Dahlenburg Lutheran church. Need help on others in Johann and Katherina's family.

Another message board posting about the family surname Schoop.
Harmstorf location does keep popping up for Schoop.
I need to find her again. this was collected before I found so much on our Schoop family connections to Schenk/ Meyer/ Michels.