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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Auswanderer : Schoop, Gerstenkorn, Westedt, Tuescher

Here's a little Family Tree data if your lucky to have
 the surnames SCHOOP, GERSTENKORN, 

Archiv: Hauptstaatsarchiv Hannover
 Hann. 74 Bleckede Hann. 74 Bleckede (W) Nr. 709
Bestandsbezeichnung: Amt Bleckede
Signatur:  Hann. 74 Bleckede (W) Nr. 709
Lagerungsbestand:  Gesperrt bis  Laufzeit/Nebenlaufzeit:
. .1848 - . .1871 ( . . - . . )  Teilprovenienz:
Vorprovenienz:  Klassifikationskennzahl:  02.23. . . .
Alte Archivsignatur: Reg. II Loc.268 Nr.1
Restaurierbedürftigkeit:  Trägermaterial:
Heranziehung von Hauswirten in Ellringen
 und des Georg Hr. Gerstenkorn in Köstorf,
des Christ. Fr. Schoop in Oldendorf, des Georg Fr. Tüscher
 und des Wilhelm Westedt in Catemin
zu Elbdeicharbeiten und Wachdiensten

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Hamburg Passenger list 1883 - Jürgen Meyer aus Ellringen

It isn't that often that I  rootdigg and find a Hamburg Passenger list member with place of residence from Luneburg stadt of Niedersachen. For that reason alone I would share the person. But  much more than that, he has the name Jürgen Meyer  from Ellringen..

Here is the info from Ancestry

Jürgen Meyer
Departure Date:11 Apr 1883
Birth Date:abt 1864
Gender:männlich (Male)
Residence:Ellringen, Hannover
Ship Name:Hammonia
Shipping Clerk:Aug. Bolten Wm. Miller`s Nachfolger
Shipping line:Hamburg-Amerika Linie (Hamburg-Amerikanische Packetfahrt-Actien-Gesellschaft)
Ship Type:Dampfschiff
Ship Flag:Deutschland
Port of Departure:Hamburg
Port of Arrival:New York
Volume:373-7 I, VIII A 1 Band 048 A
Household Members:
Jürgen Meyer19
Search for the arrival in the New York Passenger Lists

Source Citation

Staatsarchiv Hamburg; Hamburg, Deutschland; Hamburger Passagierlisten; Microfilm No.: K_1729

Source Information

Staatsarchiv Hamburg. Hamburg Passenger Lists, 1850-1934 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2008.
Original data: Staatsarchiv Hamburg, Bestand: 373-7 I, VIII (Auswanderungsamt I). Mikrofilmrollen K 1701 - K 2008, S 17363 - S 17383, 13116 - 13183.

I can't say he is mine,  because i don't have a Juergen meyer born in that year so far that I know about. I was searching for a Heinrich born that year. Because in California there is a unknown Heinrich meyer born the same year who emigrated about 1882.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

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