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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Genealogy - AIDA - Immigration, Emigration - Dannenberg, - Meyer

I read a diary when I first began my research. I know they lived by the Elbe river or by Nahrendorf vicinity at the time of the war. I know a Wilhelm Meyer and maybe a Emma immigrated to New York. I never read it all and lost the information of that diary. To this day, I wish I could find that diary and the Meyer family. So for that reason among others, you will see various postings about Meyer emigration. This is just one for no reason other than they lived Dannenberg. [I threw in a couple of others for a good measure]

From Aida.... suche Meyer ; Dannenberg

Hann. 72 Dannenberg Nr. 168
Hauptstaatsarchiv Hannover: Sonderfindbücher
1. Meyer, Cathrin Elisabeth Sophie, Dannenberg
5. Sohn: Meyer, Karl (geb. 04.06.1856)
7. Amerika
8. ca. 1874
10. Eintrag zu einzigem Mündel Karl im Dannenberger
Vormundschaftsbuch vom 24.01.1874: "Mit der Mutter nach
Amerika ausgewandert lautn Berichts".


Nr. 168
Hann. 72 Dannenberg
1. Grundmann, Marie Henriette, Quickborn
5. uneheliche Tochter: Grundmann, Marie Elisabeth (geb.
24.11.1855); Vater des Kindes: Meyer, August Heinrich aus
7. Amerika
8. 1859
10. Für das Kind wurde am 09.04.1856 eine Vormundschaft
eingerichtet, die bis zur Vollljährigkeit der Pupillin
bestand. Eintrag im Dannenberger Vormundschaftsbuch vom
25.04.1866: "Mutter Vater der Pupillin sind mit der
Letzteren nach Anzeige des Vormundes Reiter nach Amerika
ausgewandert im Jahre 1859".

Regierungspräsident Lüneburg (1885-1945), Gesamtbestand
Acc. 4/13 Nr. 1
Hann. 180 Lüneburg
Kreis Dannenberg (einschließlich Kreis Lüchow)
Reichsbaudarlehen für die Errichtung von Eigenheimen für 1. Wilhelm Frank, Neu-Darchau, Kreis Lüchow-Dannenberg 2. Rudolf Schütt, Sinstorf, Kreis Harburg 3. Johann Mundt, Marmstorf, Kreis Harburg 4. Heinrich Pöhl, Fischendorf, Kreis Fallingbostel 5. Willi Haul, Neu-Darchau, Kreis Lüchow-Dannenberg 6. Alwine Schniedecke, Neudorf-Platendorf, Kreis Gifhorn 7. Theodor Graap, Harburg-Wilhelmsburg 8. Cornelius Garben, Sinstorf, Kreis Harburg, 9. Richard Meyer, Neu-Darchau, Kreis Lüchow-Dannenberg 10. Wilhelm Siemer, Lüneburg

u.a. Bauzeichnungen, Pläne
Nds. 120 Lün. Acc. 140/91 Nr. 1040
Landarbeiterwohnungsbau Wilhelm Meyer in Sarchem, Kreis Dannenberg

Dep. 58 Nr. 585
Herr von Dannenberg auf Vor-Lüchow gegen Hauswirt Johann Wilhelm Meyer zu Müggenburg wegen Überfahrtgerechtigkeit

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hagemann Family of Bleckede Gives Fruitful Results

~ August F. Grote with Sophie Catharine Dorothe Hagemann ~

Cousin Genealogist researcher Mark had fruitful results with the letters he sent to some Hagemann families in Bleckede area. He had been inquiring about Hagemann at Goeddingen and Barskamp. Which would be Adele Grote's [She married a Meyer too] parents family. Mark's Hagemann family in Bleckede included with the cover letter a couple of nice post cards. Don't you just love it when they do that. Sometimes our churches send along a little postcard of the church too. Mark was kind enough to share a portion of his results of his search in Germany for the family Sophie Catharine Dorothea Hagemann and her husband Heinrich Wilhelm August Grote with connection to Grote.
His Hagemann family member wrote this portion. And I have my feeble, very feeble translation below it from google.
Das hofgrundstüch der familien Grote in Bleckede-Nindorf ist durch Erbfolge heute in Besitz der Familie Viebrock. Bei der Erstellung Ihres Stammbaumes wünsche ich Ihnen guten Erfolg und übersende Ihnen für Ihres Arbeiten einige Ablichtungen aus unserer Familien- Chronik und der Ahnentafel Grote- Nindorf. Meine Frau und ich würden uns sehr freuen, von Ihnen und Ihren Vorfahre über die Lebensweise der vergangenen Jahre zu hoeren. Sofern Sie daran interessiert sind würde ich in einen spaeteren Schreiben auch von unserer Familie berichten.
Ihnen und Ihrer Familie freundschaftliche Grüsse

Translation by google--

About what concerns you with Sophie Catherine Dorothea Hagemann and Heinrich Wilhelm August Grote
I enclose a copy of the minutes Journal of the civil registry Bleckede - Bars Kamp was written by 11.Oktober.1887. Since this entry is in the old German script and the decipheriment problems you may have, I add one in a typewritten produced copy. Sophie Hagemann was the daughter of Jürgen Heinrich Hagemann, who is a brother of my great - grandfather Heinrich Christoph Hagemann (1814 - 1886) was. Jürgen - Heinrich Hagemann was Born in 31.01. 1828 on his father's farm in Bleckede - Breetz, which is still of my nephew is managed. [This is all in the hands of Mark Kuhlman]

The family of the Grote hofgrundstüch in Bleckede-Nindorf is hereditary in the family today Viebrock.
When creating your family tree, I wish you every success for your work and sending you some copies of our family history and pedigree of the Grote-Nindorf. My wife and I would be very happy, you and your ancestor on the habits of the past years to hear.
If you are interested, I would report in a subsequent letter from our family.
You and your family friendly greetings.

I have been writing lately of the family Naefke and Adele Grote who had lived at Arkansas after years in Farnhamville community. Mostly because Mark had contacted me. They spent some time in Watonwan county, Minnesota. When her husband died she later remarried to My Juergen Heinrich Wilhelm Meyer's first born son Willliam who had lost his wife too. So if any of this interests you, you may have to contact Mark or his tree at ancestry for more information. He did write some other letters, and I am sure he will share it when it comes. He said he is going to be rather busy at some other 'up coming things'. So he is taking a back seat on the Genealogy family hunt from now on. It will be my job to keep an eye on his tree for any changes resulting from his letter returns from Germany. And then report back here.

Note, sorry about all the repeat.