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Saturday, September 25, 2010

I Have Been Getting Some Help

I have been looking for a little help lately. I asked at one of the mailing lists if anyone could give me some information from any of the books. I may have asked who the researchers were in the area of Bleckede.

I have had great pleasure to join and involve myself in reading, not nearly enough at If you haven't been there, do go.

Mr. M. Steinke was kind enough to email me to tell me about the AIDA online. Which had not been working for me lately. I am not sure why not. I started again for me last night. I consulted him about my ignorance in contacting them. I told him I had no clue how to find the exact place my Meyer lived in Oldendorf. Poor Mr. M. Steinke. I told him lots of things. Nice things though. He is going to get back to me.

He already has made a comment for us already. I know we will appreciate his presence! Every little bit helps to a better understood blog, does it not?

He is also a photographer and probably has a tree already finished. I think I have seen his name somewheres before. Perhaps he also holds relatives the same as me. I really must be getting more of my people seen.

That is one reason for this post. It is all good and wonderful to relay and store information at this blog, and maybe someday one of my blogs can look as pretty as the other peoples blogs but not yet. I still have so much to find. It is there I just have to cover it all, rather than the small amounts I have been doing. If not for Mark stirring me up to blog about GROTE, HAGEMANN , NAEFKE, AHRENS; I might not have found Gloria who had the key to SCHENKS, MICHELS, RIECKENS, RADEL and more SEIL. She must have explained her methods. Because he has come back with not only a few letters but a three by two foot chart of GROTE/ HAGEMAN family. I just know they include our others.

After seeing so intermixing of Ostheide area and Barskamp plus a few other villages of Bleckede I emailed the church. I may have to do so again, just in case that email like the chickens flew the coop. You know how they are, always trying to get away!

While I was browsing the Ostheide book Thursday night, I just knew GROTE TREE was involved over there in the villages around Radenbeck too. [ No I haven't been able to browse his new information. He has been pretty busy, moving and all. ] He promises to share. And we will keep an eye on his tree too at ancestry. We have his, the MATTHEWS Tree, and Gloria HOERSCHELMANN / PETESCH.

I worked yesterday at Glorias TREE watching the ancestry leaf spin, which again brought me to another one, [ sorry I don't have her name at my fingertips], who saw the light about Herman Moehrmann being Hoellman or Hellman. [ I will put both of them to the side soon.]

I have decided that one must spend time researching the names one already has with some kind of systematic order, so one does not miss any. There is so much more information out there and other places to still be checked. Besides blogging, I just must research too.!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Emigration 1885 and 1888, Schoop, Wiegert, Family names

280 Hann. 72 Bleckede
1. WIEGERT, Catharine Elisabeth, geb. SCHOOP, Witwe des
am 19. 08. 1885 verstorbenen Häuslings WIEGERT,
Johann Friedrich, Seedorf
5. WIEGERT, Margarethe Marie Wilhelmine
(geb. 07. 10. 1865);
WIEGERT, Catharine Marie (geb. 29. 07. 1870);
WIEGERT, Johann Heinrich Friedrich (geb. 08. 03. 1874);
WIEGERT, Johann Friedrich Wilhelm (geb. 15. 10. 1876);
WIEGERT, Ernst Friedrich Wilhelm (geb. 04. 10. 1881)
8. nach Aug. 1885 und vor Dez. 1888
10. allein die Tochter WIEGERT, Catharine Dorothee Elisabeth
ist hier geblieben; hat am 14. 12. 1888 Decharge erteilt.

Note: I think these are ours! One of the daughters came much later. I will check Jackson county Iowa to see.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

TWO Meyer Emigrants From Thomasburg

There, two emigrants with the name Meyer who are listed from
Do You know why I am interested in this???.

1. Juergen Heinrich Christoph MEYER from Thomasburg, b.* 1841,
emigrated to New York 1866 and
2. Juergen MEYER from Thomasburg, emigrated abt. 1869.
HE was father of the illegitimate born Catharine Dorothee Magdalena
(b. * January 27, 1869),
Her mother was Catharine Margarethe Marie Dorothee PAGUHL from Wennekath.

Usually Illegitimate children in those days in Germany had to take the mothers surname, but maybe not the case if the father is claimed and known. Also one must keep in mind that if your very poor a marriage may not be allowed.

Source :
Unknown. I could speculate and say the information came from Aida.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Abbreviations Used in the book Translated for us.

Mini series of Familiengeschichte des alten Amtes Bleckede -- Heinrich Borstelmann book.

You will have to click to make the translation of abbreviations larger.

pp. 65 Mini series of Familiengeschichte des alten Amtes Bleckede -- Heinrich Borstelmann

Welcome to my little mini series of
Familiengeschichte des alten Amtes Bleckede
-- 1940 -- Written by Heinrich Borstelmann

(Dahlenburg, Duebbekold) Pages 65 -- 76 covered in this series.

We have here our beginning at page sixty five. Page sixty four is unknown to me. It looks pretty interesting. I would give my best collectible for it.
Unknown Village Continued Hof 4 - 7
No 'Hof' shown.

From's Directories Category - 1929
Dahlenburg, P und E. 0-
> Oefftl.; Autolinien : Dahlenburg-Darchau; Dahlenburg - Hohnstorf

Pfarre DAHLENBURG: 77 ha. 415 T.
SCHROEDER, Wwe. Dorothe: 28ha. 96T.
SPOERCKEN Frhr., Friederick, Rgbs, auf or aus Luedersburg
b. Ecken {Kr. Lueneburg}; 54. davon 42ha.
Acker 12 ha. Wiese, 1 ha. Heide u. Moor : 360 T.; ohne Gebaeude; einzeln verpacktet.


pp. 66 DAHLENBURG, DUBBEKOELD, DUMSTORF - Familiengeschichte des alten Amtes Bleckede -- Heinrich Borstelmann

Mini series of Familiengeschichte des alten
Amtes Bleckede
. pp. 66.
1940 version written by Heinrich Borstelmann.

What we have on Page 66 is the continuation of a hof of DUEBBEKOLD.

village with four hof s.

It gets complicated because it mentions Dahlenburg
and Amts. Lune. under Dumstort
Village of Gut Horn.
?? village

From's Directories -1929:
Dumstorf, P und E. [3 km] : Dahlenburg : O-> Oefftl.

BARGE, Heinrich ; 110 ha ; 202 T.
BARTELS, Heinrich; o-> Dahlenburg 7 9; 106 ha 164 T.
BRUSCHE, Adolf ; o-> Dahlenburg 65; 109,3 ha, davon 50 ha Acker, 5 ha Wiese, 5 ha Weide, 20 ha Forst. 30 ha 30 ha Heide u. Moor
STROMBERG, Kaete, in Alten [Westf.], Gerichtstrr. 14 ; o-> Dahlenburg2; 59 ha ; 108 T.

Handbuch des Grundbesitzes im deutschen Reiche, Band hannover, 1929.

pp. 67 EICHDORF, EIMSTOF, ELLRINGEN - Mini series of Familiengeschichte des alten Amtes Bleckede -- Heinrich Borstelmann

Familiengeschichte des alten land Bleckede
Villages of Eichdorf, Eimstorf, Ellringen Page 67.

Click the box for a large version of Page 67
Welcome to the continuation of the mini series on book of hof Familiengeschichte des alten Amtes Bleckede -- 1940-- Written by Heinrich Borstelmann.


Hof. Nr.1 Sueschendorf



........................................... Directories 1929. Click for large vision

EIMSTORF, P. und E. [3km]: Dahlenburg; o-> oefftl.; Autolinie: Dahlenburg--Lueneburg.
Brodermann, Hermann; 59 ha; 116 T.
Buhendorf, Wilhelm; 43 ha 136 T.
Jahnke, Wilhelm; 166 ha; 218 T.
Luehr, Heinrich; 80 ha; 284 T.
Peters, Heinrich, in Leestahl; 90 ha; 231 T.
Ritterscaft des Fuerstentums Lueneburg, in Klein Sommerbeck, Nr. 1; 331 ha; 532 T.
Vick, Adolf; 109 ha; 176 T.

ELLRINGEN,P.und E. [5 km]: Dahlenburg; Ellringen
GERSTENKORN,Hermann; 90 ha ; 309 T
KAUFHOLZ, Ernst; 44 ha; 163 T.
LUEHR,Hermann; 37 ha; 122 T.
MEYER, Heinrich NR.4; 85 ha; 284 T.
MEYER, Heinrich in Ellringen-Riecklingen; 91 ha; 209T.
ROEBER, Dittmar; 50 ha; 163 T.
WILLHUS, Wlhelm; 69 ha; 263 T.

Handbuch des Grundbesitzes im deutsachen Reiche, Band Hannover 1929
Eimstorf, Ellringen pp.118

pp. 68 (Fladen, Kovahl) A Mini series of Familiengeschichte des alten Amtes Bleckede -- Heinrich Borstelmann

A Mini series of Familiengeschichte des alten Amtes Bleckede -- Heinrich Borstelmann --1940
( Fladen, Kovahl )
This series covers page 65 -page 76. You are on page 68.

Welcome to a continuation of my mini series of Familiengeschichte des alten Amtes Bleckede -- 1940 -- written by Heinrich Borstelmann

Page 68. continues with hof 2 -6.


1699 Halbhof 1 & 2
Hof. 1.-
-STEINHAUER  aus Ventschau
-DREYER  aus Goddingen / STEINHAUER / STEEK.

Hof  2. -  
-TEGEDER / TEGDER / MEYER  aus Harmstorf  / Bagund or Bajund aus Katemin



From Directories 1929
Select Kovahl after clicking the Image.

Surnames 1929 -KOHVAHL - NEESTAHL,
P. : Nahrendorf [Hannover] o-> Oefftl. E.: Goehrde [3 km]
BAUSCH,Heinrich, in Tangsehl, Nr. 1 ; 120 ha; 216 T.
BAUSCH, Heinrich, in Neestahl, Nr.2 ; 93 ha; 222 T.
BUHLERT, Friedrich ; o-> Nahrendorf 4; 67 ha ; 268T
MEYER, Fritz, in Tangsehl, Nr. 2; 84 ha ; 173 T.
SAUCK, Fritz, in Neestahl, Gastw., Nr. 1 ; o-> Nahrendorf 14 ; 92 ha ; 252 T.
STIEGER, Ludwig, Gbs., in Nuedlitz, Nr. 7; o-> Nahrendorf 1 ; 238 ha ; 853T.
TAECHTER, Heinrich, in Vorbleckede b.Bleckede Nr. 65 ; 64 ha
TEAGER, Heinrich, 56 ha ; 189 T.
WOLTER, Heinrich, Nr.1; o-> Nahrendorf 13 ; 53 ha ; 234 T.
WOLTER, Heinrich, in Harmstorf b. Dahlenburg, Nr. 10 ; 34 ha ; 139 T.

Kovahl, Lemgrabe, Luben, Muecklingen, Moislingen, Nahrendorf, Neetze, Neetzendorf, Nieperfitz, Nindorf, Oldendorf,
Handbuch des Grundbesitzes im deutschen Reiche, Band Hannover 1929


pp. 69 [ Leestahl, Lemgrabe,] A Mini series on book of hof Familiengeschichte des alten Amtes Bleckede -- 1940-- Written by Heinrich Borstelmann.

Welcome to the continuation of the mini series on book of hof - Familiengeschichte des alten Amtes Bleckede -- 1940-- Written by Heinrich Borstelmann.
( Leestahl, Lemgrabe ) This series only covers Pages 65 - 76 of his book. Your on p.69.

Click on the box to see a larger view of page 69. Page sixty nine continues from page 68 the

village of KOHVAHL with halbhoef 3 - Doetzingen and 4 - 5.


halbhof 1 of 6.

Handbuch des Grundbesitzes im deutsachen Reiche, Band Hannover 1929

P.und E. [1,5 km] : Dahlenburg o-> Lemgrabe oefftl.

BEHNE, Heinrich; o-> oefftl. : 64 ha; 194 T.
KOENIG, Wilhelm; 27 ha; 140 T.
NEHMANN, Heinrich ; 55 ha ; 215 T.
RABELER, Richard ; o-> Dahlenburg 48 ; 84 ha ; 331 T.

Handbuch des Grundbesitzes im deutsachen Reiche, Band Hannover 1929.[pp.120] Books Dierectories Germany

This series is pages 65 through page 76. You just finished page 69.

Continue on to page 70 by clicking older posts at the bottom.

pp. 70-- A .Mini series on book of hof Familiengeschichte des alten Amtes Bleckede --

You see here a continuation of the mini series on the book Familiengeschichte des alten Amtes Bleckede -- 1940-- Written by Heinrich Borstelmann. This series has pages 65 -76 of Heinrich Borstelmann's book about the villages of Bleckede. You are on page 70.

Page 70 of this book continues the
halbhofs of village Lemgrabe
Halbhof 2 =
Halbhof 4 = Un Gut Wrested[t]
Kote - 1
As seen in comment below here is the text of farm (Hof) Nr. 4:
Halbhof Nr. 4 (halfsize farm Nr. 4)
(An Gut Wrestedt)- contributions and taxes to manor Wrestedt (I assume, that the noble family, who owned the farm lived at Wrestedt)
1675 Henrich BUESCHE (farmer on this farm 1675)
1695 marriage 00 between Hans BUESCJE, son of Heinrich BUESCHE and Anna Elisabeth BARGMANN, daughter of Henrich BARGMANN, from here.
1699 Hinrich BEUSCHE, also mentioned 1709
1719 Hans BEUSCHE (before Hinrich BEUSCHE), the same surname (also BAUSCH and BAEUSCHE), still mentioned 1779.
1766 marriage between Johann Ludolf NIEMANN, farmer here, and Anna Katharina SOLTAU, daughter of the already deceased Johann SOLTAU, farmer in Apendorf.
1787 Johann Ludolf NIEMANN sold his farm to the shepherd Christoph MEYER from Luetsfelde (Nutzfelde?). Christoph MEYER pays the farm-debts of 200 Reichstaler and even the pension for Johann Ludolf NIEMANN.
1789 farmer is) Christoph Meyer (former Ludof Niemann).
1799 (farmer of this farm is) Peter Andreas MEYER (a son of Christoph?)
1803 marriage 00 between Johann Juergen Hinrich MEYER, eldest son of the farmer of the manor Wrestedt, Andreas Peter MEYER, and Helena Dorothea MEIER from Harmstorf.
1816 Juergen Hinrich SCHOOP, owner of the Niemann-farm. (Niemann was the farm-name, every farm had in former times a name instead of a housenumber).

GERMANY Directories - NEETZE in 1929
Handbuch des Grundbesitzes im deutsachen Reiche, Band Hannover 1929 -- [pp. 120]
Neetze - P. und Klb. o-> oefftl. UE. : Lueneburg


continue on to page 71.

pp. 71 (Marienau, Moislingen, Mucklingen) A Mini Series on hofs-- Familiengeschichte des alten Amtes Bleckede --

Welcome to the mini series on book of hofs- Familiengeschichte des alten Amtes Bleckede -- 1940-- Written by Heinrich Borstelmann. You are on page 71 of series pages 65 -76.
( Marienau, Moislingen, Mucklingen)

Page 71 begins with village
1 hof
1 Wassermuhle


By 1799
There was 2 halbhof and 1 Wassermuehle.
Ki - Nahrendorf


By 1799 there was 5 halbhofs
ki- Nahrendorf
Halbhof 1 (an gut Horndorf)
Halb hof 2 an gut Horndorf

Go back to start <-
............................................................................ German Directories - 1929
Handbuch des Grundbesitzes im deutsachen Reiche, Band Hannover 1929

MOISLINGEN, P. : Breese [Kr. Bleckede] ; E. : Goehrde [3,8 km]


-MEYER, Alfred
-REINECKE, Friedrich; o-> Neu Darchau 22

MUECKLINGEN, P,: Nahrendorf [ Hannover] ; o-> Mueclkingen oefftl. ; E. : Horndorf [1,8km]

-BRODERMANN,Heinrich; o-> Dahlenburg 38
-MICHAELIS, Heinrich; o-> Dahlenburg 88
-RADEL, Wilhelm; o-> oefftl.
-SEEDORF, Hermann; o-> Dahlenburg 13
-SEMMEROTH*, Friedrich, in Sueschendorf Nr. 2 oefftl. o-> Dahlenburg Nr. 57
-V.SPORCKEN, Frhr. Friedrich, auf Luedersburg b Echem, Rittergut Sueschendorf; Pae.: Rud.Brodermann; o-> Dahlenburg 58 ;
-STEEP  Hedwig, *1891 + 1925.

Handbuch des Grundbesitzes im deutsachen Reiche, Band Hannover 1929 Books etc,

Go back to start <-

pp. 72 ( Nahrendorf) A mini series on book of hofs--" Familiengeschichte des alten Amtes Bleckede " --

Welcome to the mini series on a book of hofs- Familiengeschichte des alten Amtes Bleckede -- 1940-- Written by Heinrich Borstelmann. You are on page 72 of the series of pages 65 - 76.
(cont. Muecklingen)

Page 72 with a continuation after halbhof 2
Halbhof 3-4 ( an Gut Horndorf)
Halbhof 5

1799 --- 7 halbhof and 7 Kirchedorf
halbhof 1 - (
Gut Teyendorf)
halbhof 2 -( An Gut Sueschendorf)

cont. on page 7
Go back to start of series <-
......................................................... German Directories page 120.
Handbuch des Grundbesitzes im deutsachen Reiche,
Band Hannover 1929.

NAHRENDORF [Hannover] ;
Autolinie: Dahlenburg--Neu-Darchau.

-FUNK, Wilhelm FUNK ; o-> Nahrendorf 20 ;
-MENKE, Heinrich MENKE; o-> Nahrendorf 15
-MUELLER, Louis;

OLDENDORF : P.: Nahrendorf [Hannover] ;
o-> Oldendorf oefftl.; E. : Goehrde [ 3km]

-BRUNS, George BRUNS ;
-KRUMSTROH, Albert KRUMSTROH o-> Nahrendorf 7;
-MENKE, Friedrich MENKE, Gastw.; o-> oefftl.
-MOSER, Friedrich MOSER
-SEMMEROTH*, Richard SEMMEROTH o-> Nahrendorf 9 ;


Handbuch des Grundbesitzes im deutsachen Reiche, Band Hannover 1929 books

pp. 73 (Nahrendorf) A mini series on the book of hofs -- "Familiengeschichte des alten Amtes Bleckede"

Welcometo the mini series on the book of hofs--
Familiengeschichte des alten Amtes Bleckede --
1940-- Written by Heinrich Borstelmann
Your on page 73 of the series of pages 65 - 76.
(Cont. Nahrendorf)

Page 73 continues with hofs of

Halbhof 3 & 7 & Koete 2 -
( An die Pfarre zu Nahrendorf)

Halbhof 4 - ( An Gut Teyendorf)

Halbhof 5 -6

Kote 1 - ( Un Gut Teyendorf)

go back to start <--
continue on to page 74


pp. 74 (Teyendorf, Nahrendorf) A mini series on the book of hofs-- "Familiengeschichte des alten Amtes Bleckede "

Welcome to nearly the end of the mini series on the book of hofs in Bleckede, Luneburg Stadt.--
Familiengeschichte des alten Amtes Bleckede
-- 1940 Written by Heinrich Borstelmann.
Your on page 74 of series pages 65 - 76.

The page 74 continues with Nahrendorf -- Kote 2 with family MUELLER, SCHOOP *, and THIELE *of Ventschau.


Kote 3 -
[ An Gut Schnellenberg ]

Kote 4 -
( Schmiede [blacksmith]an das Gut Sueschendorf)

Kote 5 -
( An die Pfarre zu Nahrendorf)

Kote 6 -

Kote 7-
(An Gut Teyendorf)

Go back to the start of the series <--
Continue on to page 75

pp. 75 ( Neestahl, Neetzendorf) - A mini series on the book of hofs-- Familiengeschichte des alten Amtes Bleckede -

You have caught us at nearly the conclusion of our mini series on the book of Bleckede area hofs--
Familiengeschichte des alten Amtes Bleckede -- 1940 - written by Heinrich Borstelmann -- Your on page 75 of the series of page 65 - 76.
(Neestahl, Neetzendorf}

Page 75 begins with

-1799 - 2 Kote Klosters of Medingen
K1 -Nahrendorf

K1-2 ( An Klosters Medignen)


-1799 - 6 halbhof and 1 Wassermuehle

Halbhof 1

Halbhof 2 - 5
(An Gut Sueschendorf)

NEESTAHL -- 1799 2 K.  [Schillingsguter des Kloster Medingen ] [ I think it says that ]
Ki Nahrendorf

 - KOTE 1 - An Kloster Medingen
[ I entered these ? myself ]

1698-Hans JAHNS aus Neestahl eine Medinger klostermann übergibt seine Kote  s.  daughter die Kote I. 
EGGERS, knecht in Nahrendorf freien well.
1699- Hans JAHNS [eh]KI.] auch 1709.
1719- KI. Eggers [ verselbe   Name  noch 1779].
1774- Eh.Zw. Hans Heinr. EGGERS  sohn des Kloster Medingen u. Kath. Marg. bauch aus Tangsehl [ Hh., Ue. spater]; das Kloster  ?????????? die ??? Vorhauer von 4 Rlr. ? nebst. I schill.
?? {It's just not clear to me].
1789- Hans Hinr. EGGERS,  auch 1799.
1804- Eh.Zw. Johann Friedrich SCHULTE aus Reeseln und Kath. Marg . BAUCH  verw. Eggers [E].
1816- Eh. Zw. Hans Jürgen  Heinrich EGGERS Steifs. des klostergustsmanns u.Hh. Joh. Friedr. Schulte u. Kath Marie Koopmann, tochter  des Hsw. Christian Friedrich in Oldendorf bei Nahrendorf.

 Kote 2 --  An Kloster Medingen

1699-Schwiebert STECKELBERG [eh.KI.], auch 1709.
1719- Hinrich STECKELBERG, noch 1739.
1749- Christ.. KOOPMANN, noch 1779.
1786- Der Aelt.S. des  + Steckelberg, Joh Jürgen Steckelberg zeigt. ? dem kloster Medigen an, dass  er. ? sich mit Anna Kath. Schmidt, tochter de zimmermeisters Jürgen Frdr. in Lüben verheiraten will. ...........................zahlen.
 [ needs further translation ]

1789- Joh. Juergen STECKELBERG, auch 1799.
1816- Der G. Klosters Medingen  Joh. Jürgen Steckelberg übergibt  die Kote s.  stiefs.  Hans Jürgen Heinr. EGGERS; dessen Eh., mit Maria Elis. STEEK,  tochter  des Hh.  Joh. Chr. in Tangsehl.

Halbhof 2 /3  /4 nahmes


If you have not seen pages that begin with 65 through 75 ; I suggest you go further forward. There is one more page back that finishes the/ writing of Heinrich Borstelman book for my mini series on the book of hofs--
Familiengeschichte des alten Amtes Bleckede.

Proceed to page 76
Go back <--
......................................................... books Directories

Handbuch des Grundbesitzes im deutschen Reiche, Band Hannover, 1929

NEETZENDORF, P und E. [4 km] : Dahlenburg; o-> Neetzendorf oefftl.

-BARTELS, Alfred;
-BAUSCH, Ausgust; o-> Dahlenburg 50
-BEHRENS, Hermann;
-MEYER, Heinrich;
-SCHULZE, Heinrich;


-MEYER, KARL O-> oefftl.
-SCHLICHT, Heinrich,
-TOLLSCHNIBBE Heinrich; o-> Breese [ kr.Bleckede] 18

Source: books Directories

Handbuch des Grundbesitzes im deutschen Reiche, Band Hannover, 1929

Pp. 76 ( Wassermuehle and Nieperfitz) A Mini series of Familiengeschichte des alten Amtes Bleckede -- 1940 -- Heinrich Borstelmann

This post concludes the Mini series
of "Familiengeschichte des alten Amtes Bleckede" -- 1940
-- Heinrich Borstelmann.

( Wassermuehle, Nieperfitz )
This series are pages 65 - 76. Your on page 76.

Page 76 continues with the hofs of Neetzendorf
Hof 6 ( Sporckener)


-1799 - 1 vollhof and 3 Halbhofs

This page concludes in the middle of halbhof 2 .
Click here if you wish to go back to the start.

Note: It is my understanding that a
Vollhof is a large Piece of land, the next largest land is the Halbhof. And then kote is like you own your cabin on someones land.
[ Your own condo cabin]

I am sorry that I have no More. I have looked for used books, but this one does not show itself as available. For other regions, there are a few of his books available. It is my deepest wish to have more, but we cannot always get dreams to come true. You just never know.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010


74 Bleckede W Reg. II Loc. 5 H Nr. 63

1. RIECKEN (verheiratet), Wendischthun
3. Maurer
7. Nordamerika über Hamburg
8. Auswanderung geplant für: Anfang Okt. 1867 10. ist ein Verwandter des in der 2. Jahreshälfte auswandernden...


Amtsgericht Neuhaus/Elbe
Acc. 52/99 Nr. 583
Hann. 72 Neuhaus/Elbe
Kind der ledigen Dienstmagd Martha Elise Agnes SCHEFFLER, Konau.

Abschluß eines Alimentenvergleichs zwischen dem Vormund des Kindes, Häusling Jürgen RIECKEN, Konau, dem Dienstknecht August Wonerow, Haar, und der ebenfalls ledigen Mutter der Kindsmutter, Frau Scheffler, Konau

Hann. 72 Neuhaus/Elbe Acc. 52/99 Nr. 487
Hauptstaatsarchiv Hannover
Hann. 72 Bleckede Nr. 291

Hauptstaatsarchiv Hannover: Sonderfindbücher
RIECKEN, Heinrich
1. RIECKEN, Heinrich, Estorffscher Acker
3. Brinksitzer
8. vor Febr. 1868
10. ob er Familie hatte, die mit auswanderte,
geht aus der Akte nicht hervor; war 23. 06. 1853 zum
Vormund für die uneheliche Tochter der
NACK, Marie Charlotte bestellt worden

Hypothekensache: Anbauer Franz Heinrich Riecken,

GENEALOGY - LETTERS - SCHROEDER, NAEFKE, Reading Township in Calhoun county Iowa.

Multiple names in the same surnames can get so confusing. I can see why the Germans had to be so organized due to the fact that there might have been five Heinrich Schroeder in the same house and maybe twenty on the same block. The following letters are from Queries about the Schroeder names found at

Leona and Hilda SCHROEDER
(granddaughters of Heinrich SCHROEDER)
lived in Farnhamville, Iowa at the times of their deaths
in 2004 and 1988, respectively.
An obituary on Clarence SCHROEDER, their brother,
indicated that he had farmed in Reading Township,Calhoun county Iowa.

I have no information of the NAEFKE family
other than Dora having married Henry SCHROEDER.

I don't have any information on towns for the
Schroeders in Germany, other than the Marsala passenger list specifying Oldendorf.

akoenen [localities.northam.usa.states.iowa.counties.calhoun]
Posted: 31 Aug 2010 2:18AM GMT
Classification: Query

Surnames: Schroeder Onken Oade

I have a Henry Schroeder born in 1895.

Henry's parents were Carl SCHROEDER
& Dora OADE, and his wife was Bessie M. ONKEN.
He disappeared in the 1930s though, so there wasn't any records of him around then.
No, mine is a different Henry. My Henry SCHROEDER was
born in Germany in about 1839. He had a son named Henry,
but he was born in 1874 (too early for your Henry).
The younger Henry married Doretta (Dora) NAEFKE, and their only son was Clarence, born in 1919.
Could this be your Henry?

The Names are there. "One only has to begin to look".


I condensed this letter for a change, written to me after I had made a query at the message boards at My Query was in regards to a Wilhelm Puffahrt passenger along with the AUGUST GROTE /DEIDRICH AHRENS family immigration in 1889 from Oldendorf to Iowa. The link is to this post I did on that immigration.

Surnames: Puffert, Schroeder
I came across your posting in the process of researching
my own family history.
I believe that Wlm PUFFAHRT was my grandfather,
William Frederick PUFFERT. Henry SCHROEDER was his step-father,
Heinrich Schroeder. They did come to America in April of 1889.
My grandfather's mother was Magdalene PUFFAHRT.
She was unmarried at the time of his birth (1872) and married
Heinrich SCHROEDER in 1873/1874 in Germany.
Which family are you interested in?
I have a small amount of information on the
SCHROEDERS in America and much more on the Pufferts.
My mother was a daughter of William PUFFERT.

So there is my answer about why William Puffahrt was
traveling with the group. I suspect she may have a little
more information on the Schroeders. I must remember to ask her.

See as they say on television. You only have to begin looking.
Isn't genealogy wonderful.


This letter is more or less a follow up on another letter posted here in review and more detailed about this Schroeder family, with many surnames in their family history. Now those are the kind of letters to read. You gotta luv em!

Wlm Puffahrt and Henry Schroeder. came on Marsala 1889 -

[laurenelundberg]Posted: 8 Jul 2010 8:38PM

Wilhelm Friedrich PUFFAHRT anglicized his name
to William Frederick PUFFERT when he arrived in the U.S.
He was born in Hanover, Germany on April 11, 1872 to
Magdalena PUFFAHRT. (Born Feb 18, 1848; died Oct 18, 1916)
She was unmarried at the time. At the end of 1873 or first part
of 1874 Magdalena PUFFAHRT married Heinrich Schroeder.

They had three children together: Henry SCHROEDER (11/15/1874 - 3/6/64),
Emma SCHROEDER (7/28/1877 - 7/23/52), and
Ida SCHROEDER (9/5/1879-11/30/67)

The Schroeders and William PUFFERT arrived in the U.S. on April 1, 1889.
Heinrich died in February of 1890. The family lived in Iowa.

Henry SCHROEDER married Doretta NAEFKE (9/11/1882-1/18/57). They made their home in Iowa.

They had three children: Hilda Schroeder(3/25/1910-6/23/8x)
who never married and lived out her life in Iowa.
Leona Schroeder (7/10/1912-?) who never married and
moved to Denver, CO. and Clarence Schroeder (7/26/1919 -?)who married Helen GRADE (4/15/1922-?) in 1946.
I believe they worked the farm that Heinrich Schroeder had in Iowa.
Their children were Jeanene born Sep 14, 1948, Clarice born July 6, 195x, and Lanette born Aug 29, 196x.
My mother, Alma Puffert FRINK, corresponded with both Hilda and Leona Schroeder into at least the early 1980's.
The correspondence has been lost.
Emma Schroeder married Albert BALLSTADT (6/2/1871-7/21/1942).
They had two children: Caroline (11/28/1898-8/9/198x) and Edna (10/9/1900-4/14/48). Caroline did not marry. Edna married Raymond McVAY.
I believe they remained in Iowa as well. Ida Schroeder did not marry.

Some of the Schroeders eventually moved from the farm to Fort Dodge, IA. I'm pretty sure that Hilda lived in Fort Dodge.

William PUFFERT was trained in church architecture and building before he left Hanover, Germany. He built a Lutheran church in Knierim, Iowa in 1897, St Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church in Boone, IA in 1898, and St. Paul's Lutheran in Douglas, WA in 1915.
William m. Margaretha RICHERT in Boone, IA on Dec 14, 1899.
(Margaret and her family emigrated from Alsace-Lorraine, Germany
in 1881 on the St. Lorent.
Her grandfather, Jacob RICHERT, was born in Gottesheim,
Germany in 1821).

William and Margaret's children were:
Edwin Henry born Boone, IA (9/15/1900-3/9/7x),
Otto Frederick born Boone, IA (7/26/02-5/12/9x),
Alma Emilie born Spokane, WA (2/12/05-7/2/200x), Lillie Viola born Spokane, WA(8/17/07-12/21/7x),
Harold Richard born Spokane, WA (5/4/10 - 7/29/9x),
Lora Marie born Colbert, WA (8/27/14-4/23/7x), and
Lois Margaret born Douglas, WA (4/1/18-present).

I have supporting evidence for the marriage of William and Margaret in Boone, IA, but that is about all the real documentation. Where did you find the information that the Schroeders came across on the Marsala in 1889?


Well that was nice, well done research, a good relay in a letter. I wish every ones were like that. And with a prompt follow up. I took a stand for privacy issues here. I have the letter stored in another place. And of course you can see for yourself at

Note: Some of the Schroeder family of Reading township had asked that I publish a little of the information that I have gained over the years. This is just one of them. I hope to continue with it now and then.

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