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Friday, December 10, 2010

Geneabloggers Christmas Advent Postings

When I finally got around to reading some blogs again, I noticed Hummer at Branching out through the years and
Michelle at The Turning of Generations doing a series of posts on Christmas. Later when Dr.Bill Smith commented at my blog, doing a followup, I found out there was a Christmas Advent Calender series. [His comment does not refer to that site, though]
It makes sense to call it Advent, because it is like the German heritage children would hang about twenty five pictures pertaining to Christmas in their room or a room. This would help them for the count down for Christmas. It is like my children would do every day, keeping track of Christmas, they would open these shutters of a window to see a day of Christmas on an Advent Calender, thus knowing when Christmas was nearly there. Much less expensive than receiving a gift everyday. [Grin]

Looking more at a comment from Random Relatives, I see other geneabloggers doing the a great job doing the same thing. Since I haven't figured out how to do this yet, I haven't participated. Partly too because I missed the start. I did however start a series of Christmas of the Meyer house at Sunnyslope Farm in Lewisville, Minnesota. You can read them at the link. I did a half hearted series, because as you know my 'stuff' is still in boxes. I have so few days off this month before christmas. I am Still Not organized in the office. And the scanner is blinking some warning as I write. It won't shut off. [Grin]

I really want to do a good job on those memories, so I will be adding to them as certain items are located. Then it will be fun in a sense of relaxed posting.

I'd like to do something on European Christmas too, but I know so little.

However, right now it does keep me from making today's Christmas memories with my family. And I would like to be able to do that for my loved ones for Christmas.

Be sure to read other Christmas Advent blog postings too here. They are really entertaining to read, even just to see the diverseness we have in America cause were all of so many very different heritages. You can find them on my links list at the side.

See you later, if I don't before Christmas comes, have a Merry Christmas!


geneabloggers said...

The Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories is a GeneaBloggers project

You can find more info at

A rootdigger said...

thanks Geneabloggers,I should have thought of that. I went back and added a link. I particlarly like your nifty calender that you have for selection.