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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Halbhof 5 Landowner at Gut Horndorf of Mücklingen

This last week I expanded the information in a "Mini Series Meyer Ahrens Second Marriage" over at on the second marriage of Jürgen Friedrich Meyer geb 1814 with Katharina Margaretha Ahrens at Roethen in the Gohrde forest. The Ahrens family have been evident in our family history tree lineage for some time.

Our Meyer family was quite close with the  Henry [Carl] Seil family from Mücklingen who visted  Grandfather Herman  in Minnesota. I can't explain how the information  really makes me happy to know there were more ties than just the involvement of the family with Nahnsen, Kanning, Naefke.Saucke, Grote It goes further now with even more possibilites.

I'll start with the SEIL family possibilites-
In the report of Heinrich Borstelmann about the Halbhof 5 of Mucklingen [You' ll need to click older at the bottom of the page] he tells us that in 1815 Johann Heinrich Ahrens married  [] Kath. Dor. Elisabeth SEIL aus Breese [ and something else I haven't translated yet. It refers to some hof fatherless.?]As you know our Luhmann had Seil in Luben and Breese. I have consulted with Herr Soltau about our Seil from Breese and you should find that share  a page  or two further back..

How about we review what I can translate of  Halbhof 5. Gut Horndorf.

1675- Wüst,  noch 1709
1719- Johann Hinrich Meyer, noch 1739.
1749- Kl  [ Kirchspiel] Meyer, noh 1779.
1755- Hans Hinrich Schultze aus  ?? [Eddelstorf] Amt. Medingen  and Johann Hinrich Meyers Wwe. Ilsa Marg. geb. Bartels.
1765- Johann Henrich Koopman aus Neestahl u.  Marg Elisb Meyer, Hans Henrich Schulten Stiest. (E).[stepdaughter]
1788- Hinrich Christoph Ahrens sohn des Christoph Ahrens in Boitze, and Dor. Marg. Kopmann, einz daughter des Johann Hinrich Kopmann  (E).[could be 1786].
1789- Johann Hinrich [revt or rect?}. Johan Juergen Koopmann
1799- Hinrich Christoph Ahrens 
1815- Johann Heinrich Ahrens and Kath. Dor. Elisabeth Seil. aus Breese a. S.  ( ? vaterl. H.).

So that's the little bit from Halbhof 5.The Ahrens/ Seil marriage mention is a good find it's more than I had before. I am not sure if the  1788  or  1799 Ahrens mention are Parents or uncles. Only other sources and I suppose church records can say for sure.
Do you see anything you can add to your family history tree.

Some of the other Hofs had the family names:   Koopman, Meyer, and Michels or Michaels, Frombcke, Barge, Bartels, Baucke, Tiedemann, Schmidt, Gerstenkorn, Wolter, Schulz, Deutsch,Radel, Linne, Behne, Jacobs, Willhus, Sell and Voss.

I can see that I need to look further into Kopmann and Koopmann as well as the Barge, Gerstenkorn  and Wolters. There was a Kopmann in the Rosseburg Brockmann tree at hof 30 in Oldendorf.
You may notice that some Surnames mentioned  are  already familiar to us at other villages such as  Gut Suechendorf, Neestahl,  Ellringen, Nahrendorf, Boitze, Ahndorf.

I found Willhus to be residents of Ellringen. I just might pursue the surname there for more information.

 -- The reference to  Kopmann  in Neestahl.=  in Kote 1 an Kloster Medingen  at Neestahl- 1816 Hans Juergen Eggers stepson des Klostergutsmanns u. Hh Johann Friedrich Schulte and Kath Marie Koopman daughter des Hausw. Christian Friedrich  Koopmann in Oldendorf.

Kote 2 An Kloster Medingen  at Neestahl - 1749 Christian Koopman, noch 1779. 
Before that lots of Steckelberg.

Note:  Boitze is connected with Neetzendorf, Fladen, Vindorf and Dahlenburg.
Source : Heinrich Borstelmann's book about Landowners and a post of his page here


A rootdigger said...

The document of Borstelman said "Christ." and the Tosterglope document said Christoph. Usually when it's Christ in a document it means Christian. So I am not sure if I should change it.Do the women match?

brynn c said...


I found your blog via a Google search and it is so impressive! I started my own journey into my family tree a few years back but I haven't been able to find a tenth of what you have collected! I am descended through the Ahrens that you mention in this post. Katherine Dororthea Elisabeth Seil of Breese is my 5th great-grandmother and Johann Heinrich Ahrens my 5th great-grandfather. Have you been able to translate the last bit about her presumptive fatherless-ness? I have not been able to find any information on either of their parents thus far and any information could be helpful.

I also have a yet un-named Ahrens (daughter of Johann Heinrich and Katherine Dorothea) and Meier, who fathered two sons named Adolph Meier and Freidrich Meier. I believe this is the first "crossover" in our family trees, but I would love to speak with you more about our connections! I am descended through Johann Heinrich Schroeder and a yet un-named Ahrens daughter of Katherine Dororthea Elisabeth Seil and Johann Heinrich Ahrens. I believe she was the eldest daughter of their union but I could be wrong about that because I don't have any other information on her name or identity.

Thank you again, and great to meet you!


A rootdigger said...

I'd love to help anyone with this tree. I am learning myself about the Ahrens family. Even though I dont have total recall i consult the trees I know about who have this family ahrens. And i dont know if you fall into that family, because ancestry is out right now.

I am tickled you tried hard to contact me. I am at arootdigger at the gmail if you wish to go that route. or Ask away here. I will publish more. also check at for more I do have Some on the schroeder tree. And I wonder if you dont belong to gloria's tree with some settling into Jackson county Iowa. And some at will county of Illinois

Just the other day I was reviewing villages and its hard to keep track of the different places they settled. I didnt do it justice when ive posted settlers at the various villages. So the pages got scattered here and there when the way things posted changed. I' ll have to fix that.

You'll find that Ahrens who married juegen frid meyer at oldendorf nahrendorf church on a page about his second marriage. I have several pages...

Do you have subscription?

A rootdigger said...

I am so excited my adhd is working amok so I am jumping all around here.

Do you relate to the recently departed Mark Kuhlman family in Minnesota? Seil, Michels. More than one Seil family. I'll list a couple of tree bearers. Robert Stein in florida has this anna catharina seil who married a Schroeder. His family settled in calhound or greene county. First they had settled in will county and then on to highland to seek out the son of above mentioned Juergen friedrich Meyer. Then he settled there at the area by friedrich meyer 1883. By that time Friederick Meyer had md. Mary Schenk who also settled at Jackson county iowa.

Schenks relate to all surnames you mention. and also from Bleckede. I havent blogged enough about all these connections. I should have.

In a little more time I might uncover the Seil of breese mentioned at hof 5 of the Breese descendancy. Viewing a few families of that location and Luben whom my Luhmann married I see they might connect and be the same family. Or not... also there is the Nieperfitz family.

By the way I see Michels did marry Luhmann at some point too. Luhmann married and connect all over the place. /

What is confusing is all the names at Harmstorf... I have no resources to check those names. Except ancestry has given us some new information about early data at barscamp and Bleckede. and you probably know the ancestors were all over the place, marrying etc.

Ill look a bit more and get back to you more about your names.
Hof Oldendorf Nr.30 of Rosseborg Rosseburg Tree - Genealogy of ...
Jul 11, 2011 - Der herrschaftliche Hof Oldendorf Nr.30 - Hof c. Vorläufig sind von diesem Hof keine älteren Nachrichten zu finden, erst ab 30-jährigem Krieg ...
You've visited this page many times. Last visit: 9/22/16
Property History of Hof Nr.30 in Oldendorf - Genealogy of Oldendorf ...
Jul 11, 2011 - Hof 30 Oldendorf continued. Familiengeschichte - Family History ... aus Törwe, Amt Bodenteich, am 9.11.1798 den Hof. Kinder: 1. *25.11.1799 ...
You've visited this page many times. Last visit: 9/22/16
Katharina dorothea ahrens is the one who married Friedrich Meyer born 1814 at Netzendorf Neetzendorf. Her ahrens family can also be seen here at this page. One of them is longer than the other. just right click for translation. Youll see her sisters.. Her sister Mary is the ahrens who married molleman or mollman see blog post about yellow envelope and galena illinois for that information.

Glad you know about Adolph going to Joseph Oregon. On documents his address is often listed as Gohrde. And his second wife lists Dannenberg. which is dannenberg elbe are of gohrde.

A rootdigger said...

well finish === The majority of the family settled at jackson county and the tree holders of gloria's have lots of data that she personally went to germany to get. If not for her and her Schoop and her Schroeder whom I think you relate. I might not have unearthed what I did about my freds second marriage.

If I know more which family you are I can explain a bit better. And which location they settled.
Thanks for contacting me....
just me jo

A rootdigger said...

and several pages back. its easier to google. for some reason my older pages dont show up when i click.
AHRENS, Catharina Dorothea (F) ev.
* 31.03.1827 = Nahrendorf Muecklingen
~ 02.04.1827 Nahrendorf
Auszug aus dem Taufregister der ev.-Luth Kirchen gemeinde Nahrendorf. Nr. 12/1827.
Ahrens, Catharina Dorothea geborene in Muecklingen am 31 Marz mittags 11 1/2 Uhr. getauft den. 21 ten april.
Eltern: Johann Heinrich Ahrens, Hauswirth in Mucklingen and Catharina Dorothea Elisabeth geb. SEIL.

To save you a little time i hunted them up.