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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Koestorf- Family Names and Places

Fabel, George Heinrich Ernst August, Dienstknecht who lived 1881 Himbergen. Goeddengen??
Stelter [oo Fabel], Kathrine, Dorothee *21.4.1856. Gr. Thondorf kf.1870.
Lived 1881 Koestorf.[elt. 5824]

Harwege, Heinrich, Hauswirt, Lived 1705
oo vor 1705.
Grote, Dorothea Lived 1705 Koestorf.

Harwege, Nicolaus *1705 [r] - +1759

Harwege, Juergen Niclaus *1720 [gesch]Koestorf. Lived 1750 Kollendorf. 1756 Stroethe.[elt.2009]
oo vor 1750.
Schenk, Anne Margret *1725 [gesch] Baskamp. Lived 1759 Kollendorf.
Three children.

Source : OFB Himbergen by Heinrich Porth.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

AIDA with village Hungerstorf familien name Peters

More from AIDA auswanderer site.r Signatur
Hann. 72 Bleckede Nr. 289
Hauptstaatsarchiv Hannover: Sonderfindbücher
1. Peters, Johann Friedrich, Hungerstorf 2. 19. 08. 1829 7. Melborne 8. kurz vor 1858 10. dort angeblich Missionar; nach Privatnachrichten ist seine religiös schwärmerische Richtung dort anerkannt und er selbst mit seiner Lage vollständig zufrieden; cura absentis 10. 04. 1862 aufgehoben, da er ausgewandert ist und sein Vermögen mitgenommen hat; erneut cura absentis eingerichtet.

Translates loosely with babel fish:
Hann. 72 Bleckede No. 289 main public records Hanover: Special identification
books hunger peat of 1st Peter, Johann Friedrich, hunger peat 2nd 19. 08. 1829
7. Melborne 8. shortly before 1858 10th there allegedly Missionar; after private
messages its religiously schwärmerische direction is there appreciative and it
with its situation completely content; cura absentis 10th 04. 1862 waived, since
he emigrated and its fortune carried forward; again cura absentis furnished

Citizens of Harmstorf at Aida emigrant files./sonderfindbuecher

This morning looking about at some names and places, I decided to publish a few. Be sure to check out the link and see more for yourself. There will be more to come. That is a promise or threat.

1. Warnecke, Johann Heinrch, Harmstorf 2. ca. 27 Jahre alt 3. Anerbe des väterlichen Halbhofes 7. Nordamerika über Hamburg 8. Sommer 1863 10. 1865 zurückgekehrt; hat im Nov. Hof übernommen auch: Hann. 74 Bleckede W Reg. II Loc. 5 E Nr. 40 r und Loc. 5 G Nr. 59

1. Warnecke [Warning corner], Johann Heinrich, Harmstorf
2nd approx. 27 years old 3rd Anerbe of the paternal half yard 7th North America
over Hamburg 8th summer 1863 10. 1865 returned; yard has taken over also in the
Nov.: Hann. 74 Bleckede W move II Loc. 5 E No. 40 r and Loc. 5 G No. 59

Hann. 80 Lüneburg Nr. 956
Hauptstaatsarchiv Hannover: Sonderfindbücher
1. Meyer, Heinrich, Harmstorf 2. 27 Jahre 3. Dienstknecht 7. Amerika 8. 1857
. .

1. Meyer, Johann Jürgen, Harmstorf 2. 17. 05. 1824 7. New York über Hamburg 8. kurz nach Pfingsten 185310. reist mit Schulz, Jürgen

Translation with babelfish:

1. Meyer, Johann Jürgen, Harmstorf 2nd 17. 05. 1824 7. New York over Hamburg 8.
shortly after Whitsuntide 1853 10. Jürgen travels with Schulz.

The families from Harmstorf, especially Meyer are important to me because of the Steinhauer and Reinecke family in Sueschendorf and Oldendorf bei Nahrendorf and the Goehrde. I am always remembering the Genzel tree which had Meyer from Harmstorf and Walmsburg.

So that's it for the day, minus editing I do a lot. I have been searching all the little villages on the AIDA emigration site. So you know now, there is more to come.
Just me Jo.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Genealogist Dealing with a Separation of Marriage Partners.

I Happily posted about a marriage of a family member. Now I hear they have separated under unhappy circumstances. I was kind of wondering how you other genealogists deal with your publication of these relatives.

I shall have to see what I come up with before I mention anything more about it.
Comment here if you like.

Friday, September 11, 2009

WIESE, WICHEL, FABLE, FABELS of Himbergen Uelzen with Meier of Molzen and Oetzendorf

The Fable family connect to the Raetzmann family tree from the Himbergen, Uelzen area of Hannover . FABEL [s] are on my church records. So for that reason, I will spend a little time of these, who were with the tree of those whom resided at Sauck county, Wisconsin. Reedsburg one of the earliest settled areas in Wisconsin.

It was so close to Chicago, Iowa, and Missouri.

Today, I am primarily concerned with the Paul Behmke and his wife Holly's tree mostly the Fabels from Uelzen. It's because I found the ties of my RATZMANN to their RATZMAN. For further information I have used the book Die Familien und Einwhoner des Kirchspiels Himbergen.

At Ancestry Her ID number: I14789
Name: Catharine Margarethe FABELS
Given Name: Catharine Margarethe
Surname: Fabels
Sex: F
Birth 10
MAR 1744 in Gross Thondorf, Himbergen of Hannover,
_ 14 NOV 1777 in Molzen, Hannover, Prussia
Father: Juergen Heinrich FABEL
Marriage : 1. Juergen Heinrich MEIER b: 16 OCT 1743
in Oetzendorf, Hanover, Germany
Married: 15 NOV 1776 in Moltzen, Hannover,
Prussia, Germany
Children : Margarethe Elisabeth Meyer
b: 21 OCT 1777 in Oetzendorf, Hanover, Prussia, Germany

I posted this with the fathers name under Post-ems on their page at rootsweb world connect see sources. I separated everything so nicely, and then it all jumbled together again.

From book pp.112 second column.
[1308]-Jurgen Hinrich FABEL, Hauswirth, B. 1703 Gr. Thondorf. Christened ~26.8.1703 Himbergen, Uelzen. Died: + 24.1.1760 Gr. Thondorf 57 years old. 00 1st marriage:: Anna Catharina MUELLER,. b.1709 [gesche =means not totally sure??] at Jarlitz +12.8.1746 Gross Thondorf Buried Himbergen. [1302] [ parents 3666 ] Father Jarlitz Mother: Elisabeth Margretha GEVERS born 1676 Westerwyhe [ some german information about schwiegersohn.?? She died 15.3.1749 Gr. Thondorf. lived 1734 Jarlitz. [parents 1558]. 2 children mentioned. 1] Ernest Jurgen FABEL *3.10.1741 Gr. Thondorf ~Himbergen +31.10.1741 Gr.Thondorf 2] Catharina Margretha FABEL.*10.3.1744 [3591] Gross Thondorf. Lived 1776 Oertzendorf [parents number 1302]. 00 md. Jurgen HinrichMEYER. He + died 1800 Oetzendorf. He lived 1776 there. Witwer [s.a.3617]. One child mentioned -Margreta Elisabeth MEYER *26.10.1777 Oetzendorf +9.5.1860 Torwe Buried Himbergen[619] She lived 1816 Torwe[ [s.a.3622.] Parents 359]. --00 married George BUBACH, a soldier. He died 1816 Oetzendorf. 2ND OO marriage - Jurgen Henrich Christoph MEYER *1761- +1837 [3593] [his second marriage] 19.5.1816. One child Johann Hinrich MEYER b.24.6.1817 Torwe 12.11.1870 Torwe [parents 3622] md. 00 29.11.1846 [3433] Catharina Dorothea SCHMIDT 18.9.1818 Himbergen +3.5.1863 Torwe [parents 4866]. Her parents from Quickborn. And her grandfather from Quickborn.Her mother was a FRIEDRICH from Havekost.

Two boys . One died small. One girl*1858 lived at Torwe. Kathrine Dorothee Elisbeth MEYER.


Above Fabels second marriage was to Elisabeth Margaretha WICHEL. [ She married WIESE in 1760 at Himbergen. Her Father was Hans Wichel, who was a Einwohner and Ackermann * 1717 Buendorf, Ksp. village Dahlenburg which is very near Quickborn. + 3.9.1791Gr. Thondorf. Lived 1747 Gross Thondorf. Seven children. One died in childhood, two are unknown to us.

Children's marriage surnames: Retcher a corpral. Burmester of Wellendorf. Baumgarten.

[6336] Wilhelm Johann WIESE * 1717 Eddestorf + 19.5.1767 Gr. Thondorf. Lived there at Gross Thondorf in 1760. [ 6334, 1308, 5893 ]

Two children [ 5893 ] Franz Juergen STRUCK, knecht from Breese. His father Lived 1786 *Breese., 92 Almstorf and 94 Hohenzollern. Wiese - father lived Eddelstorf - MEINE

I Can keep going, so ask if you would like more on these families..

Note: Also anyone from Suttorf there is high probability they also were at Oldendorf/Nahrendorf, Dubbekold,Suschendorf,Dannenberg Any book by Heinrich Porth and Gunda Friesch. is worth the peek. Hch. Porth has the book about Ebstorf and another one which may cover Bevensen. They will give more details also. Behn[eke] also from Ostheide area. That which includes Suttorf. I have been reading a german book about it and have seen the name. Naturally, I have only covered the surface .


1. I highlighted the family from Breese. You may or may not know that our Seil and Heins family lived at Breese. And the Graf Grote's wife lived in that area too. Some of the Seil went into the Himbergen area as well. I don't know if the two different Seil families connect. I suspect that they really did.

2. There is an on going interest on my part with the location of Meyer fromTorwe since I acquired some information on the Genzel tree. This is not the first time you will hear about it. [smile]

Source: World Connect at rootsweb under Gilbert Walter Meyer tree/ Holly.

Note: In the book any spelling falls under one spelling that of Meyer. I unfortunately have a few Meier / Meyer pages missing. So I have to rely on posting I did a few years ago.

Note: There is more indepth record numbers from church documents. Soon I will post that as well.

Please check back soon for more on the areas.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

A new site for Me to share --- Lowlands-L: Things They Left Us: Folk traditions of the Lowlands worldwide

There is a key phrase in this paragraph that I highlighted on my own. It has been cited here and other places online. It makes me question this down grade of a persons heritage and location.

Lowlands-L: Things They Left Us: Folk traditions of the Lowlands worldwide: "Hamburg was now an arrondisement within the Département des Bouches de l’Elbe, while an alliance of mostly German, Russian and Swedish troops besieged the city. Hamburg families were required to provide free lodging to Napoléon’s soldiers. Houses were torn down to create shooting ranges, and their inhabitants were sent packing. Turned into horse stables were the main churches of this mostly Lutheran city that had provided refuge to thousands of Dutch and French Protestants. In their desperation, many people fled to then neighboring Danish territory, in many cases just a short walk away. Others engaged in cross-border smuggling to make up for lost trade with Britain and other parts hostile to France."

As I read before in or in account of Charlotte Wodage about the region of Dahlenburg; the French, or Russians, or swedes being there took over the churches and lodged their horses there. How could people even think to do so. Perhaps the French were in majority catholic. Perhaps the degradation was political in thought. No matter it was a Horrid thing to do.

Even during the thirty year plus years of war in this region each time troops were there the villages suffered They lost a fourth of what they had before. Villages were burned, women raped, animals lost. And think of the rumble and rubble after the world wars. It is a wonder our ancestors persevered. They rebuilt, fixed things up.

Thank goodness they did, right.

But somethings can never be restored or brought back.
I cry over the lost documents we can not ever see. Some stories and events will be lost. If you read about the pages or years of documents lost in church records you will know what I mean.
Title-- Criticisms of the Roman Catholic Church. This Link contains an article on why Huguenots attacked and destroyed churches.

More reading sources.
1. You might like to read this source below for more on the 'French Protestants' which according to Wikipedia means now to be - Huguenots.


A different case about a different reason for a Horse to be in the church.

I can add yours [if you have one] to my list.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Heinrich Friedrich Herman Meyer Birthday Date - 27.April

This is not a biography nor a memorial to my grandfather Meyer. I am just sorry to say I did not mention Grandpa Meyer's birthday date just a couple of days ago. I should have, shouldn't I. He was born 27. april.1881 in an Oldendorf hof owned by his father, i. d. Goehrde babtized at Nahrendorf kirche. He died just before his last birthday could occur.

Note: I am still trying to find the exact house number or location of the Meyer home in Oldendorf, Nahrendorf.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Genealogy Blogging is Working Results For Me.

On my other Genealogie blog A rootdigger I mention that my dream and aim is to find my ancestors descendants in Wendland Germany and u.s.a.

I wish to learn everything that I possibly can. Always Digging into genealogy. Then with that knowledge, I hope to share it, explain it through blogging to the best of my abilities, meager though it may be.

And I suppose there will be a few other tidbits added here and there. [ yes I am smiling] As I said in my profile, if you publish your family history, they will come. and it is true.

Today, I noticed a comment that I thought was old. And then today, I figured out how to get them to show up where they are suppose to be visible!!! To get to my point now, someone has commented that he actually knows of our Luhmann family from Eichdorf Germany. He says a Luhman family member does look like Grandfather Herman Meyer! Oohhh! Pop the cork!

Hooray! It's these things that makes me so happy. I am going to contact him in a moment. I hope he can share much with us. You can see his comment further in older posts.

Have faith fellow researchers and genealogy bloggers, publish it and they will come!

Don't slack in checking your edit pages, as I did. Don't be guilty of sliding in blog posts, as I was. In other words --Don't let the moss grow on your shoes!

I won't do a happy dance cause my feet hurt!
And [ big smile] it's keeping me from digging in the garden as well. but on the positive side, I economize my feet standing time, by blogging. I Love it.

just me jo

Saturday, April 11, 2009


I am sure its bookmark worthy.

Göhrde – Wikipedia: "Geografie [Bearbeiten]
Die Gemeinde ist Teil des Naturparks Elbufer-Drawehn.
Der an die Gemeinde angrenzende Staatsforst Göhrde ist das größte zusammenhängende Mischwaldgebiet Norddeutschlands.
Gemeindegliederung [Bearbeiten]
Die Gemeinde Göhrde besteht seit der Gemeindegebietsreform von 1972 aus zwölf Ortsteilen. Zusätzlich existieren der Hof Kamerun und vier Forsthäuser. Der Sitz der Gemeindeverwaltung befindet sich in Metzingen."

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Another Meyer Increases The Population With His Birth.

It is wonderful news, is it not? I recently ran across Mitchell Meyer,
who is the son of Steve and Mary Meyer in southern Minnesota. Mitchel [l] net works out of my occasional stomping ground of my past youth - Sioux Falls. I had to see, if he was the relation by browsing his profile. I couldn't be sure until we were in touch with each other. With a few pictures, I had him persuaded that I was indeed his relative.

I hope to persuade him to write a little about his family. He promised a snapshot of this first named Thomas of the MEYER family. At least as far as I know, he is the first.

A year or so ago, Mitchell married LILA PATCHES. Together they had the little Patches. [He is a Meyer, but for some reason, I like calling him Patches!]

Like all new parents, the loving sleep deprived father had this to say about Thomas :

He has had a little baby boy, who was born on ... friday the
13th,...... at 1:50 AM 8 pounds 2 ounces 19 1/2 inches long and looks a

lot like a Meyer. Bold

Mitchell and his oldest brother resemble each other alot. I'think the little fella looks so hugable and just might have gotten a few.

If some of you have followed my blogs, you may know I have mentioned Mitchel as the one who closely resembles some our ancestors more than any other child I have seen. Mitchel[l] did resemble Dwight early in his age. He was very fondly looked on by Dwight R. Meyer, who was his Minnesota grandfather out at Sunnyslope farm. Mitchel was a very accepting, loving little last born boy of Steve's family. He did not mind at all being held on your lap. It was not easily forgotten BY ME how friendly of a little tyke he was.

I gave Mitchell the address of my blogs, because I figured that at his new status as a father he may be experiencing that often new parents need to compare our child to our ancestors baby pictures. The best I could offer on my blogs was not baby pictures of his grandfather, but photos of a young aged Dwight and Lyle, and Mitchel's great grandfather, Herman with his siblings. And of course with time spent there, he will see the other genes in relation to our past.

Heins, Heinz, Henke, Luhmann, Gehrke, Reinecke, Seil, Korn and many others, who blended in with their genes into the pool.

Hopefully the new little Meyer will learn of his ancestors as his father gains a somewhat understanding of my always not so clear blogs. [tee hee they are to me, though]

Maybe, if we' re lucky he and Lila will comment now and then.

~~ Congratulations Mitchell and Lila !

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Monday, March 30, 2009

Helpful link -izn-AIDA online Gemeinden Göhrde und Röthen

Today I only have a simple link to share about our Roethen. It should serve as a helpful link. I suspect there were many workers, where they all lived is unknown. But Oldendorf bei Nahrendorf was one place.

izn-AIDA online - © Informatikzentrum Niedersachsen
Anlegung eines Kirchhofes für die Gemeinden Göhrde und Röthen im Kirchspiel Nahrendorf, enthält Handzeichnung mitdem neuen.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Blogger from 'Applestone Cottage '-- Shares Her Trip to Galena Illinois

~~~ Her Trolley pic. I have a thing about Trolleys.~~~

I have made the most wonderful discovery about Applestone Cottage blog, which is not only pretty to view, but it is informative as well. What I found, was a blog full of pictures about a little tour in Galena Illinois. I am sure by now you all know my Fritz - Fred Meyer went there in 1869 to live with a blacksmith family who may have been working with Lead mining. We are not sure how long Fred stayed, because he was found across the river in Jackson county Iowa in 1870 census. [And we don't know much at all about Leise, and Mary].
According to Applestone cottage's account the President Grant's home was in existence already in 1860. To think they lived by my Three Meyers, Ahrens, and Mollemann. Check out the Applestone Cottage link below now and see the visit to Galena and more
Feel free to enjoy her blog. She is also an empty nester from the northern Packer state, Wisconsin. I am amazed at how many visitors she has had, and she has only had the blog less than a few months time. But then it is beautiful. See here for yourself.

From Blog--Applestone Cottage:
"The town's people built this home for Grant and his wife after the war for
2,500 dollars. The state of Illinois was deeded this from the Grant family and
the city of Galena." She says population is about 4,000.

Note: The sign said 1860 on one of her pictures. The war was over a few years before Fred came to America. After 1865 or so. Hmm, I wonder if Mr. Ahrens or Mollemann were in the war.

I am so grateful for Cynthia's post. It is nice to know too how close it actually is for a visit, but I wouldn't be able too for Quite awhile. With her blog, I feel as if i might have seen it for myself. I got the general feel for the city. She has another one on Galena. I also found her Lake Pepin/ Ingalls blogs of interest. Thank you, Cynthia.

Note: There has been mention of a connection with a Grant family, somehow??? Anyone in the know?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Check out the link of the Galena Public Library District

Since we have been discussing Galena I thought I should share this source.
You never know when you might want to try another source. You can click the link.

Galena Public Library District: "Resources

Jo Daviess County, Illinois: Federal: 1830, 1840, 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920 (all indexed)
State: 1855, 1865 (indexed)
Carroll County"

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Heimatmuseum Dahlenburg II

Heimatmuseum Dahlenburg II
Originally uploaded by PhotoArt Hartmann Has this fantastic artist, photographer. I hope you will go admire his work. He has a third one Dahlenburg 111 worth a look.


For more information look here also.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Seil familien namen - family name

~~~~~~~~~~ SEILs ~~~~~~~~~

August W. Seil

1---Annie Seil, granddaughter of August William SEIL from Dahlenburg and Uelzen. [ She was also a Child of Lizzie Seil Jaeschke]

It's time to discuss further the SEIL family from Dahlenburg and Oldendorf, bei Nahrendorf.

Besides the SEIL from Dahlenburg, many other Seil names and locations have appeared in documents. Already at one point or another I have mentioned the familien namen Seil from other locations:

11--Heinrich Seil geb. ab. 1859 bei Oldendorf.
[ oo - Mary Ahrens from Bleckede] Below here is a son Carl Seil on our left. Carl Seil and Dwight were fishing friends. Carl came up from
Iowa to fish at the southern Minnesota lakes with Dwight.

Evidently a card received at Sunnyslope Farm in Watowan county one christmas from Carl Seil's family.

111- Juergen Friedrich Seil a farmhand from Lueben oo 30.04.1822 Catharina Maria Luhmann marriage at Eichdorf / Nahrendorf. [Hers -*1794- +1848]

lV-- The Juergen Christoph Heinrich Seil of Breese oo 16.11.1810 Margaretha Magdalena Luhmann marriage at Eichdorf / Nahrendorf [ Hers - *1791 -]

V--- Marg. Dor. [neeSeil] Meyer. Her name came to me from the church. Here is a portion of my past post where she is mentioned. " This was the most important question to ask. It was the god parent of our Juergen Heinrich Friedrich Meyer geb.1851. Who was he. The brief explanation did not help much to supply meaning to any reading between the lines.Juergen Friedrich Meyer, schulze of Oldendorf oo- md 18. april.1834 with Margaretha Dorothea (Bausch) Schroeder widow of Juergen Heinrich Schroeder of Oldendorf. Juergen Friedrich Meyer's parents were Hauswirth Johann Heinrich Meyer of Sueschendorf and his wife Marg. Dor. Seil."

Not much more here

1---- Annie Seil [00 marriage in Iowa/ Minnesota - 1909] with Herman Meyer >

1---Lizzie Seil [Dahlenburg and Uelzen > Hildesheim connection of her mothers forefathers familiennamen KORN] > her father - August Friedrich Wilhelm Seil of Dahlenburg

More will follow shortly. I would like to spend more time on August Friedrich Wilhelm Seil of Dahlenburg. Family names of Brookmann, Schmidt, [Korn, Culemann, Lietz, Hofmann from Himbergen Uelzen]

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Göhrde state forest - Wikipedia

I ran accross this and thought I would share the little bit. You can read more by clicking the link.

Göhrde state forest - Wikipedia: "Ihre Spenden helfen, Wikipedia zu betreiben. Staatsforst Göhrde State Forestry Göhrde
aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklopädie From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Wechseln zu: Navigation , Suche Jump to: navigation, search
Der Staatsforst Göhrde ist das größte zusammenhängende Mischwaldgebiet Norddeutschlands. The State Forestry Göhrde is the largest mixed area in northern Germany. Er umfasst das gesamte gemeindefreie Gebiet Göhrde , Teile der Gemeinde Göhrde (beides Landkreis Lüchow-Dannenberg ) sowie Teile der Gemeinden Nahrendorf und Boitze ( Landkreis Lüneburg ).

It encompasses the entire community Göhrde free area, parts of the community Göhrde (both Landkreis Lüchow-Dannenberg) and parts of municipalities Nahrendorf and Boitze (Landkreis Lüneburg). Der Forst ist ein Teilbereich des Naturparks Elbufer-Drawehn und erstreckt sich auf einem durchschnittlich 80 Meter über NN (ca. 50 bis 110 m NN) befindlichen Hochplateau im Nordwesten des Drawehn . The forest is a part of the bank of the river Elbe-Drawehn nature park and covers an average of 80 meters above sea level (about 50 to 110 m altitude) located in the northwest plateau of Drawehn.
Der Staatsforst Göhrde ist ca. 75 Quadratkilometer groß und in Kernbereichen mit sehr altem Baumbestand bewachsen. The State Forestry Göhrde is approximately 75 square kilometers in size and in core areas with very old trees, trees. Viele dieser Baumriesen (vor allem Stieleichen ) sind als Naturdenkmäler ausgewiesen und gesch"

Any errors reports? Comments welcome.

This is about the railroad and Goehrde worthy of your attention:Bahnhof Göhrde - Wikimedia Commons

Category:Bahnhof Göhrde - Wikimedia Commons: "Category:Bahnhof Göhrde
From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository

Deutsch: Der Bahnhof Göhrde ist ein denkmalgeschützter ehemaliger Bahnhof an der Bahnstrecke Dannenberg–Lüneburg (Wendlandbahn) in Breese am Seisselberg im Landkreis Lüneburg, Niedersachsen.
Media in category 'Bahnhof Göhrde'
The following 16 files are in this category, out of 16 total."

Breese in der Marsch Map | Germany Google Satellite Maps

Several Breese villages in the Goehrde area get confusing. I think this is not the one refered to by my families' church records from Nahrendorf.

Breese in der Marsch Map Germany Google Satellite Maps: "world -> Europe -> Germany -> Niedersachsen -> Luneburg -> Luchow-Dannenberg -> Breese in der Marsch

Breese in der Marsch Map — Satellite Images of Breese in der Marsch
original name: Breese in der Marsch
geographical location: Luchow-Dannenberg, Luneburg, Niedersachsen, Germany, Europe
geographical coordinates: 53° 7' 0' North, 11° 8' 0' East

Detailed map of Breese in der Marsch and near places"

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Eggert Family Genealogy Sources

I Found this online. For what it is worth.

Eggert Family Genealogy Sources: "Ella Bremer, died Oct. 17, 2005, from the Oct 19, 2005 web edition.
9.'Vernie' Moraczewski, died April 27, 2007, from the Apr 29, 2007 web edition.
GKDGemeindebuch des Kirchenkreises Dannenberg-Elbe: Kirchlicher Wegweiser durch die Gemeinden am Elbufer entlang der Zonengrenze von Schnackenburg bis Neu-Darchau. (Dannenberg: Kirchenkreisvorstand, 1968)
GMAksSZur Geschichte"

Perhaps my post is an evasion. but there is valuable sources there. Also the example of a professional is very valuable. I could learn from this.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Breese (Begriffsklärung) – Wikipedia

When ever I am in doubt, I check Wikipedia. Here we can see the varieties mentioned. We only just have to click the link.

Breese (Begriffsklärung) – Wikipedia: "Breese (Begriffsklärung)
aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklopädie
Wechseln zu: Navigation, Suche
Es gibt in Norddeutschland mehrere Ortschaften mit dem Namen Breese.
in Niedersachsen
Breese in der Marsch, Ortsteil von Dannenberg (Elbe)
Breese im Bruche, Ortsteil von Jameln
Breese an der Göhrde, Ortsteil von Zernien
Groß Breese, Ortsteil von Trebel (Wendland)
Klein-Breese, Ortsteil von Woltersdorf (Wendland)
Breese am Seißelberge, Ortsteil von Nahrendorf
in Brandenburg:
Gemeinde Breese im Landkreis Prignitz

Außerdem gibt es in den USA eine Stadt des Namens: Breese (Illinois).
Diese Seite ist eine Begriffsklärung zur Unterscheidung mehrerer mit demselben Wort bezeichneter Begriffe"