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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Troubles, troubles in Google blogosphere

Hi, It's good to see you, readers. Time is sure flying by

I just wanted to say, that I have a few bugs to work out.
First- Although I may read your blogs, and have something to say in a comment, it does not come through. I just recently tried to comment at Jerry's Blog, but it didn't work. I am operating on this different computer with Explorer and a Chrome my daughter added. Before I was chiefly under Firefox. I also was a part time user of IGoogle. [Halfway uninstalled by my son] some things work and some things do not. I have also noticed that somethings don't work with the old computer as well. And my time using it each time is extremely limited with it [ the power outlet will probably burn it out any day now].

I fear with all the changes google is making with our blogs and their programs, I may loose something.
Progress at times here is intermittent.
Google has asked that we participate more before Christmas and do a few more tasks, which I can't do at this time. I want to, but can't.

So I hope you will bear with me, like a lamb, not a bear. I have been trying to organize some paperwork and my office, and I see it will still be next years resolution to finish it. so I feel once I accomplish a little more I can relax and figure this out.

But the good side, is that I have been fixing and finding at I have found a few names and made family heritage sense of the Michels, Ahrens, Rosseburg tree which was done by Karl-Heinz  Genzel of Oldendorf. There were names to add to our Schenk Michels, Rieckens, including Thiele name. So there is that to look forward to, right!

See you soon.

Any suggestions or help is appreciated.