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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Another Meyer Increases The Population With His Birth.

It is wonderful news, is it not? I recently ran across Mitchell Meyer,
who is the son of Steve and Mary Meyer in southern Minnesota. Mitchel [l] net works out of my occasional stomping ground of my past youth - Sioux Falls. I had to see, if he was the relation by browsing his profile. I couldn't be sure until we were in touch with each other. With a few pictures, I had him persuaded that I was indeed his relative.

I hope to persuade him to write a little about his family. He promised a snapshot of this first named Thomas of the MEYER family. At least as far as I know, he is the first.

A year or so ago, Mitchell married LILA PATCHES. Together they had the little Patches. [He is a Meyer, but for some reason, I like calling him Patches!]

Like all new parents, the loving sleep deprived father had this to say about Thomas :

He has had a little baby boy, who was born on ... friday the
13th,...... at 1:50 AM 8 pounds 2 ounces 19 1/2 inches long and looks a

lot like a Meyer. Bold

Mitchell and his oldest brother resemble each other alot. I'think the little fella looks so hugable and just might have gotten a few.

If some of you have followed my blogs, you may know I have mentioned Mitchel as the one who closely resembles some our ancestors more than any other child I have seen. Mitchel[l] did resemble Dwight early in his age. He was very fondly looked on by Dwight R. Meyer, who was his Minnesota grandfather out at Sunnyslope farm. Mitchel was a very accepting, loving little last born boy of Steve's family. He did not mind at all being held on your lap. It was not easily forgotten BY ME how friendly of a little tyke he was.

I gave Mitchell the address of my blogs, because I figured that at his new status as a father he may be experiencing that often new parents need to compare our child to our ancestors baby pictures. The best I could offer on my blogs was not baby pictures of his grandfather, but photos of a young aged Dwight and Lyle, and Mitchel's great grandfather, Herman with his siblings. And of course with time spent there, he will see the other genes in relation to our past.

Heins, Heinz, Henke, Luhmann, Gehrke, Reinecke, Seil, Korn and many others, who blended in with their genes into the pool.

Hopefully the new little Meyer will learn of his ancestors as his father gains a somewhat understanding of my always not so clear blogs. [tee hee they are to me, though]

Maybe, if we' re lucky he and Lila will comment now and then.

~~ Congratulations Mitchell and Lila !

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thank you jo and yes i do see the resemblence to grandpa and great grandpa and i don't have a pic i think lila does so i will get back to you on that