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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Genealogy Blogging is Working Results For Me.

On my other Genealogie blog A rootdigger I mention that my dream and aim is to find my ancestors descendants in Wendland Germany and u.s.a.

I wish to learn everything that I possibly can. Always Digging into genealogy. Then with that knowledge, I hope to share it, explain it through blogging to the best of my abilities, meager though it may be.

And I suppose there will be a few other tidbits added here and there. [ yes I am smiling] As I said in my profile, if you publish your family history, they will come. and it is true.

Today, I noticed a comment that I thought was old. And then today, I figured out how to get them to show up where they are suppose to be visible!!! To get to my point now, someone has commented that he actually knows of our Luhmann family from Eichdorf Germany. He says a Luhman family member does look like Grandfather Herman Meyer! Oohhh! Pop the cork!

Hooray! It's these things that makes me so happy. I am going to contact him in a moment. I hope he can share much with us. You can see his comment further in older posts.

Have faith fellow researchers and genealogy bloggers, publish it and they will come!

Don't slack in checking your edit pages, as I did. Don't be guilty of sliding in blog posts, as I was. In other words --Don't let the moss grow on your shoes!

I won't do a happy dance cause my feet hurt!
And [ big smile] it's keeping me from digging in the garden as well. but on the positive side, I economize my feet standing time, by blogging. I Love it.

just me jo


Marianne said...

I think tracing you root is a brilliant idea!!! Maybe I'll create my own. Thanks a lot!!

A rootdigger said...

I am glad your inspired. I hope others can be so inspired. It is a fascinating hobby.