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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Surnames of Matthies from Himbergen, Uelzen,

I offered to help those families interested in Matthies surname. They thought that the family may have settled in Wi. It is highly possible since many families from Uelzen first settled at Sauk co. Wisconsin. others I have seen settled at Michigan. Onrootsweb look for Holly Meyer tree of Sauk county, Wi.

I have had a interest in the Meyer who carried the name Uthermark also.

I am going to start with a family Matthies who may for one reason or another may have marriedthe Goettke and so took the name Goettke. They Lived at Kettelstorf.

Matthies, Hans Juergen.
Born * 1664 (err.) o.O. Matthesen o.d. Goettke.
+ died 1741 Kettelstorf.
[] Burial on 26.02.1741 at Himbergen major church.
-OO Married 23.10.1696 Himbergen
Schulz, Anna 1666 (err.) Schlagte
+ 1726 Kettelstorf sixty years old. [] 29.10.1726 Himbergen.
Lived ab1696 at Kettelstorf.
Children : three.

1. - Daughter -
Matthies, Catharina Magdalena * 1700
-+17771 [>838-Burmester]
2. - Son -
Matthies, (Goettke) Baltzer Hinrich, hauswirt.
1696 Kettelstorf ~ Himbergen
+109.1759 Kettelstorf [] Himbergen.
In 1723 lived in Weste.

- Oo - 5.11.1723 Himbergen
Uthermark ( Meyer, Matthies), Maria Elisabeth, Bademutter
born * 1701 Weste, Uthermark,
~ 23.10.1701 Himbergen.
+28.3.1767. kettelstorf []Himbergen.
lived in 1723 at Weste, Meyer {parents- 6174]
Children = 5
Dautghtr md. Heitsch [>2054]

3. - son
Matthies (Goettke)Franz Hinrich Kuhhirte, knecht,
* 1707 Kettelstorf.~ 3.4.1707 Himbergen.
+ 11.12.1763. Boecke. [] Himbergen 57 years.
OO 25.10.1727 Himbergen
Burmester, Anna Margaretha.
* 1707 Almstorf. ~ 20.02.1707 Himbergen.
+ 1.4.1782 Brockhimbergen []Himbergen.
Lived 1727 Kettelstorf. [Parents-655]
Children: seven Many sons never lived past twenty years old.
[>3069 Koepke]
[Daughter>686 Burmester]
[Last son born > 3070 md. Grote*]
This family was at Brockhimbergen and Kettelsorf six children.

No other referrels are given as far as marriages go.
It could mean they moved from the area.

There are a few other Matthies on the page, apparently not related . More on them another date. One of Almstorf all by itself with little information married a Bauman.

Now I go on and on with the surnames of the families they married. but fortunately for you, I am lazy this morning.
But feel free to ask for more. Or search in the search box. If all else fails go backwards into archives. I more than likely might have something else on some of the surnames.
I know my Seil and his Korn familly and my Raetzman and Meyer had the name Heitsch in their link of names along with Gugel. I suppose I shall eventualy indulge myself in that post one of these days. Not to mention that there are seven pages of Grote families, which I would like to explore.

Have a good day.
justme jo

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