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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Your ancestors just stayed in their villages.

I say it's Baloney!
Now if you are a an dedicated genealogist searching for family history like I am, you know by now that title is a bunch of malarkey. I am going to prove it to you with this brief family history.
My information comes from Ancestry and the Nord Celle orts family book site where I have been lately browsing.
I am personally interested in their family name OTTE. As I study my new family tree of HEINS background. I think it was their influence along with surname of DIETRICH AND BURMESTER, MEYERHOF, which brought my Bergen celle family to the area of Dahlenburg, Bleckede Luneburg [ also surrounding villages] and Dannenberg areas. Also of influence to migration and mingling was the location of a University located at Telmer.

Here an interesting take on the name of Fall Creek Wisconsin. Found in Bergen Cellle or Nord Celle info supposedly from a book about Bergen Celle, which I have never seen.
1.Ehegatte:(1st spouse) Friedrich HEINRICH PROEHL* 01.05.1844 in Breloh Munster+ 08.04.1911 in Plymouth Wisconsin USA oo 21.10.1873 in Fall Creck Wisconsin, USA Keine Kinder gefunden!(No children }

According to 1880 census a# 142/145- Heinrich PROHL or PROEHL age 36, with wife Elisabeth KONRAD was a Lutheran minister, who married at Fall Creek. They had two children by 1880 -Willie age five born abt 1875 in Wisc. - Christ born 1864 in Prussia was sixteen and worked at the saw mill. Residence Augusta Eau Claire - District 138 census. Inhabitants of Bridge Creek page 18 of 23.

More Proehls immigrated in 1882 to the Eau Claire county.Wisc.
Herman PROEHL [Error Of Herman Prahl]
Home in 1900: ] Bridge Creek, Eau Claire, Wisconsin [Augusta, Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Age: 45
Birth Date: Mar 1855
Birthplace: Germany
Race: White
Gender: Male
Immigration Year: 1882
Relationship to head-of-house: Head
Father's Birthplace: Germany
Mother's Birthplace: Germany
Spouse's Name: Amelia PROEHL

According to author Herr Fink, Heinrich PROEHLl and his wife Elisabeth, a USA citizen of Ohio died at Plymouth, Wisconsin. [His name was misspelled as Prochlon census]

Many other Germans Ministers came from Hermansburg as missionaries. Some took further learning in Wisconsin, Mo. and some other leading missionary training facilities.

His ancestors were from Dannenberg, Luchow-Dannenberg
begraben: in Augusta WI USA, [area of many Amish and Mennonite citizens]. Also from Breloh Munster.
Below is Heinrich 's * 1844 father.
*06.05.1811 in
Prisser, Luchow-Dannenberg
+ 13.02.1884 in
Augusta WI USA
Dannenberg, Luchow-Dannenberg
begraben: in
Augusta WI USA

His first wife - ANNE MARIE OTTE
* 10.02.1808 in
Hermannsburg, Celle
+ 16.12.1853 in
Breloh Munster
she had a son born in
Hermansburg Celle.
[Her first born son recorded by Herr Fink in book] Listed below him is his wife.
* 19.01.1838 in
Hermannsburg, Celle
+ 20.05.1910 in
Gillett Arkansas USA
He married oo 17.06.1870 in Prairie City Mo USA
Catharine Magdalena MÖLLER

* 01.10.1837 in
Elmshorn, Pinneberg
+ 17.03.1909 in
Honey Grove, Fannin, Texas, USA

1.(father) Heinrich FRIEDRICH (FRITZ) PRÖHL
* 06.05.1811 in Prisser, Luchow-Dannenberg
+ 13.02.1884 in Augusta WI USA
.............. His children with Anne Marie Otte.

1. Heinrich Christoph OTTE * 1838 in Hermannsburg, Celle,
+ 1910 in Gillett Arkansas USA.

2. Friedrich Heinrich PROEHL
* 01.05.1844 in Breloh Munster + 08.04.1911 in Plymouth, Wisconsin USA

* 1841 in Breloh Munster, + um 1860 in Münster, Nordrhein-Westfalen.

4. HEINRICH CHRISTOPH PROEHL * 1847 in Breloh Munster, + 1855 in Seedorf, Uelzen.
begraben: 03.07.1855 in Münster, Nordrhein-Westfalen

5. HANS HEINRICH Diedrich PROEHL * 1850 in Breloh Munster, + 1853 in Breloh Munster.
* 31.08.1850 in Breloh Munster
+ 31.12.1853 in Breloh Munster
begraben: 04.01.1854 in Münster, Nordrhein-Westfalen

Okay, now you see how they moved around. Those busy Prohls. I can now easily see why some of my family may have been from Westphalia after all. [ Not these though, lets be clear about that] Speaking of which, I should caution you not to mix up the Munster in Celle, which carries no umlaut and that of Muenster of Westphalia, which does carry a umlaut. I am not sure if there was any roman Catholic religion involved in this family.

I think I also have been a busy little bee, so it's time for me to buzz off.
justme jo

Note 1:

There were PROHLS in Dohnsen, and Wardboehmen, [and even in the Nahrendorf ] region. Marrying Otte, Ahrens, Marquard, Allerman, Kruse from Fallingbostel and the local area of Bergen.
Note : Family History linage:
1 Anne Marie Otte 1808 ;
* 09.09.1774 in Hermannsburg, Celle + 28.07.1845 in Hermannsburg, Celle.
wife - Martin from Hermansburg, Celle.

3 father -
* um 1738 in Hermannsburg, Celle + 29.03.1818 in Hermannsburg, Celle
wife -
(ALVEN) ALM * 02.02.1753 in Beckedorf, Celle + Hermansburg.
4 father - HANS JACOB OTTE * um 1710 in Schlüpke, Hbg., Celle
+ in Schlüpke, Hbg., Celle
wife -
WIEDING -* um 1713 + 24.08.1772 in Schlüpke, Hbg., Celle
5 father - HINRICH OTTE * um 1636 in Oldendorf, Celle
+ 23.05.1710 in
Oldendorf, Celle.
wife - N.N. born abt. 1640 having seven children and the last child was born at
Schluepke, Hbg. Celle.

Note 2:

This tree brings up the surname ELLENBURG from Klein Sommerbeck and her father from Sommerbeck and Dahlenburg. A name which cropped up in my past investigation of the family in the home region area, [ It brought up Seedorf or Neetze location via Hannoverrootsweb's mailing list.] which suggests to me that I should do some further browsing. And maybe that gal from the mailing list because many of her names corresponded with same places as some of my people.


This site claims it is information taken from a book written by Herr Fink about region Nord Celle, and Bergen Kries Celle. Luneburg Stadt in Niedersachen, Deutschland.

- website for Census.

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