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Family History SCHOOP, FABLE, from Harmstorf

In reference with a question mark on the family History of her Fable and Schoop Marlyn Schoop Family History tree

This could be hers as well.

SCHOOP, Johann Heinrich Christoph
* geb. 29.9.1818 Harmstorf Ksp Dahlenburg
He lived 1847 there. [4881]

00 1847 Dahlenburg

FABLE, Catharina Dorothea
* geb. 27.7.1825 Gross Thondorf
`37.7.1825 Himbergen
1839 Kf.[Elt.1274]

His parents:
SCHOOP, Johann Juergen Christoph
lvd 1818 Harmstorf ksp Dahlenburg.

00 before 1818.

MEYER, Maria Dorothea
Lived 1818 Harmstorf


4891 PP.327
SCHOOP, Juergen Heinrich Christoph
* geb. 1841

2nd marriage 00 -19.10.1879 HIMBERGEN

SCHENK, Katharina Dorothea Elisabeth
*1842 [Elt.4741]

SCHOOP, Johann Heinrich Wilhelm
geb.*18.9.1880 Boecken ~ 26.9.1880


FABLE, Franz Hinrich Juergen Hsw.
*geb. 24.11.1780 Gross Thondorf
kf. 1795 Himbergen
+ died 5.3.1849. 68 years 3 mnths and 10 day
s[ His father also married a Barge]

00 25.11.1808 Himbergen

BARGE, Catharina Elisabeth
* geb. 28.8.1784 Strothe
kf 1798 Himbergen lvd 1808 Gross Thondorf, Uelzen
8 kinder

The tree will go on and on with the descendents. I suspect this Fable runs into some of my other trees with surnames circling.


In the Heinz Genzel tree pertaining to hof 30 in Oldendorf, I have noted that there are many hofs and owners and one of the owners was a Johan Schoop. Perhaps the Harmstorf Schoops were related.

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