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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Familiennamen Schenk From Uelzen, Fladen, Bostelwiebeck

The surname SCHENK has been of interest to me for awhile since I learned the surname of Fred Meyer's wife. I had only known that her family came from Bleckede according to the Farnhamville church records and so far that is still all that I know about her original residence before her families residence in Jackson county. I thought I should share these particular ones from the book noted in source below. Residence Fladen is of Interest to me as well as those who resided at Torwe. I would think that my family relatives in Fladen, Ahndorf, Neetzendorf, Vindorf would be acquainted with these Schenk at Fladen, and Ahndorf. Since I had some people who lived Hagen I thought I should include it as well.

Johan Heinrich SCHENK,
Anbauer and Schneider, He lived 1794 at Fladen
oo Married before 1784
Catharina DIERSEN who lived 1794 at Fladen
Daughter Maria Elisabeth Schenk born 1794
(r) + 1867

Juergen Heinrich Christian SCHENK
lived 1843 Niendorf
oo Married before 1843
LUSSMAN, Catharina Dorothea
Lived 1843 Niendorf
-Daughter Catherina Dorothea Elisabeth * 1843

SCHENK, Hch. Christian, Hausler,
Lived 1851 Hagen 48To
oo Married before 1848
NIEBUHR, Catharina Dorothea Lived 1848 Torwe
-SCHENK, Johan Juergen *10/07.1848 Torwe
-SCHENK, Juergen Wilhelm,
*09.08.1851 Hagen ~10.08.1851 Himbergen

Johann Heinrich Christian SCHENK, Dienstknecht
*8/.1.1836 Gross Thondorf
kf. 7. 4. 1850 ebd.[ELT-4673]
oo Married on 22.11.1863 Himbergen
Margareta Dorothea Elisabeth MEYER, Dienstmagd
* 4.10.1841 Bostelwiebeck
Lived 1863 Gross Thondorf
[ELT_ 3415]
Six children born Gross Thondorf

Johan Heinrich Ludwig SCHENK * 28.8.1831
Arbeiter Lueneburg lived 1872 ebd. witwer [4671]
oo 1872 O.o
Catharina Maria Dorothea WIESE, * 01.09.1835
Dienstmagd. Niendorf lived 1872 Luneburg. Hi

Johan Juergen SCHENK, arbeitsmann.
[ELT- 4682]

Hans SCHENK, Lived 1720 Hagen
Son - Frantz Juergen
*4.3.1720. Hagen ~ 5.3.1720 Himbergen


Hans Hinrich SCHENK , Hauswirth.
Lived 1780 Ahndorf
Daughter - Catharina Helena SCHENK
*1738 (r) 1781 {-5044]


Juergen Hinrich SCHENK, Dienstknecht.
*7.2.1810. Hagen~ 1.2.1810 Himbergen.
kf 1824 ebd
+24.3.1888 Klein Thondorf Himbergen
27.3.1888 [] Himbergen
Lived 1842 ebd. Div.
[ELT-4769 & {s.a. 4775]

1.oo 10.4.1842 Himbergen
Catharina Dorothea BUNGE
26.1.1811. Weste[ELT- 631]

Hans Hinrich SCHENK,
*1775 +1843 {>-4755}
2.oo 1.10.1802 Himbergen
SCHULZ, Margareta Elisabeth
*25.12.1776 Hagen
~ 26.12.1776 Himbergen
Lived 1802 Gross Thondorf
+ died 17.11.1851 ebd. seventy four years old ten months and twenty three days
4 Children - Last child died at Strothe.

SCHENK, --- Bodendteich
HEUER -- * Holeren Bodenteich 4 Children

SCHLICHT, Heinrich Christian,
Anbauer and Schneider,
+ died before 1867 O.o
oo - Married before 1867
SCHENK, Maria Elisabeth
* 8.1.1794 (err.) Fladen
+ 20.11.1867 Gross Thondorf
[] 23.11.1867 Himbergen [ELT. -4655]

I find the family name Diersen crops up now and then.
If you have any questions on these feel free to email
or comment. I may have more information on some
and then again not on others. Often times the parents
have several children with marriages and I
might have another page worth of information on the family.

You have a good day now and enjoy your summer day.

Source :
Die Familien und Einwohner des Kirchspiels Gunda Freiesch and Heinrich Porth.
Ortsfamilienbuch 1670 - 1895.
Quellen und Darstellungen zur Geschichte von Stadt
und kreis Uelzen. Schenk = Pages 310-321.

Note : Also Stelter / Schroeder residence Fladen
[5808,5806][4949] M&M told me we may have Stelter in our tree.

Note : I suggest you review my series on Heinrich Borstelman book of the villages of
Bleckede. there is a good amount of names pertaining to the posting here.

If I were you I would browse the series for Schoop and Schenk and other surnames.

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