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An Alpers Family History Slice of Genealogie from Ellringen, Bevensen and Hösseringen

Genealogie  aus Ellringen, Bevensen, und Hösseringen.

I have  good  news  for you  today.  A fellow  genealogist, Hans-Juergn  Rose has lent a helping hand for  the  Alper family history mentioned here. The Alpers  [Rehberg, Jahn]  family came from Ellringen and some of them lived in Bevensen. 2nd Page of Ellringen Hofes. He found some  of their family history at Hösseringen. [Who knows how these  ties to Ellringen  affected our family history.]

I hope it's  yours and  you  hoped  to find this information.

Hans-Juergen  Rose emailed  me  this:
I have studied your Blog
I found Alpers in Hösseringen.

Baumhauer, Joachim Friedrich: Dörflicher Wandel in der Lüneburger Heide Hösseringen
1850-1950, Veröffentlichungen des Landwirtschaftsmuseums Lüneburger Heide 5,
Hrsg. Löbert, Horst W., Bremen 1993.

Seite  193: Foto Alpers
Seite  203: Foto familie Meyer
Seite  183-184: Verzeichnis der Hösseringer Hausstellen

Nr. 11 Vollhof
1850 Wilhelm Christoph Alpers
1869 Heinrich Wilhelm Alpers
1893 Wilhelm Alpers

Nr. 31 Anbauerstelle
1847 Ernst August Severloh, Schmied
1864 Johann Heinrich Meyer, Holzhändler
1883 Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Meyer, Schmied

Do you need more informations about these two families?

Best regards

And this :
Just a reminder: If the pictures are hard to read or view; just click to read in another tab. Then click on the plused picture. On my old laptop computer, it works for me.

 Just a reminder about the village Ellringen:

 Village Ellringen by Dahlenburg - Familie surname ALPERS

    Gerhard ALPERS
* 02.07.1920 in Ellringen, Lüneburg
+ 12.10.2008 in Uelzen

getauft: 01.08.1920 in Dahlenburg
begraben: 16.10.2008 in Bevensen
Beruf: Lehrer
Familien (families) Kinder (children)

(1st spouse) Luise REHBERG
* 28.03.1926 in Hannover
+ 19.08.1999 in Bevensen
oo 30.09.1949 in Bevensen Keine Kinder gefunden!
(No children found!)


Eltern (parents) Geschwister (siblings)
Vater: (father) Heinrich Wilhelm Hermann ALPERS
* 22.06.1875 in Hösseringen
+ 20.08.1947 in Bevensen
Keine Geschwister gefunden!
(No siblings found!)

Mutter(mother) Sophie Marie Elise JAHNS
* 07.04.1889 in Bevensen
+ 05.11.1974 in Bevensen

Source : Online Ortsfamilienbücher
Online heritage book

Further Source info:
Liste over efternavne Slægtsdatabase Bad Bevensen - Cached
12. Febr. 2011 – ALPERS, Gerhard * 02.07.1920 in Ellringen, Lüneburg

Want additional reading: ,
 read this page of citizens of Bevensen.

Follow up with Bevensen chronik or chronicle.

Note:  At Gedbas I think the Bevensen link is down and due to return soon.

Well that is  all today with Alpers, Meyer, and the villages Ellringen, Bevensen, and Hösseringen. I hope I just made your day
So Have a good day!

jo's Personal Note:
I  had ancestors in Ellringen. there are many names at the vohlhof.  The other hofes have  had  Schroeder, Gerstenkorn,  Janecke, Hagemann, Harlen [?],  Jacobsen.  I was told I needed to  read and study  these villages that I have put on these pages at these links by Herr Soltau because they pertain to our family at Boitze - Neetzendorf. . Time will tell which ones relate to Luhmanns. Luhr I have suspected. Gerstenkorn is a  given.I have Jacobs/ Luhmann association at Bargmoor. Hof  five gives us the surnames we have seen before:  Wilhuss, time will tell  us if the Bartels,  Meyer, and Sommer  surnames at Ellringen were ours.

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