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Friday, October 21, 2016

I found one account that a SAUCKE was high up in a tree during the Battle of the Gohrde 1813. It was a reason he earned a nickname. You know the famous battle with the Napolians French was fought at Stenke Hill at the outskirts of Oldendorf. Not far from Roethen and Sueschendor as well. A  landmark monument now stands in this area  This was mentioned at Tosterglope Chronicle/   I provided a link to the website of the region.

Perhaps you will find something else on the family, that I missed. I find the family of Saucke from Dahlenburg and Leestahl very interesting. Saucke family seem to connect to everyone. They and LUHMANN were well respected individuals in the farming community. Both ran for some kind of government office a few years ago. I am not sure who won . 

 Saucke family connect to Horn[dorf] or just Horn with family BURMESTER. I am not sure if this same Saucke is connected to that family. Documents said my Jurgen Hch. Wilhelm MEYER worked at Horn at the time of his marriage. The Boitze/ Neetzendorf Saucke connect to the Oldendorf/ Nahrendorf SAUCKE.  According to one message I received about one of them who were god parents for one of Mary and Wilhelms children. And by now you maybe know that Saucke attended the Farnhamville St. Peters Eve. Lutheran Church in that area. They were related to Nahnsen, Naefke, Kanning, AHRENS SEIL, Schroeder. Among many others. I have found several trees with their familien name. I am sure to find many more. I found one account that a Saucke was in a tree during the battle of the Gohrde. Okay now here is the Saucke I have found this time. I took the liberty of highlighting names.

Hann. 74 Bleckede W Reg.ll loc. 5 H Nr. 63
Haupstaatsarchiv Hannover Sonderfindbücher

1. Sauke, Heinrich Wilhelm, Dahlenburg
2. 05. 09. 1847, Leestahl
4. Sauke, Johann Heinrich; Sauke, Dorothea Elisabeth, geb. Schwabe
7. Toledo/Nordamerika
8. 03. 07. 1867
10. ältester Bruder Sauke, Johann dort; bittet dringend
darum, daß sein Bruder kommt, da er ihn in seinem
Schlachtbetrieb braucht; er selbst hat vor kurzem
Thiele, Bertha geheiratet, die mit ihren Eltern vor
5 Jahren aus Berlin dorthin auswanderte; Eltern haben
inzwischen eine große Färberei; er selbst will
sich diesen Sommer ein Haus bauen und hat in seinen
Betrieb gerade 700 Taler für eine Dampfmaschine zum
Fleischhacken (1000 Pfund in 3 Stunden) investiert
(Brief des Sauke, Johann vom 27. 03. 1867 liegt bei)

Note: The name Thiele does crop up from time to time from Oldendorf / Nahrensorf and Ventschau.
Note: My own nephew married a Saucke in the golden western area. Not Related To Any I Show

-That letter I think would be interesting to see.
They went to Ohio. Hmmm. Now there were Schwab in church records amongst the family members records that I have. I shall have to review them.
*-Recently I found some information about the Schwab(e) family in the Church of Christ  church by Farnhamville. I think there could be a connection to the family of Karl F. Grosse and wife  Eliabeth Saucke from Netzendorf  on ship April 8-9 1873. More about this later. Census shows some Grosse settled ohio too. The Schwabe family also settled at Pennsyl. and some went to the area by Webster Iowa. I found some names in Church of Christ archives.

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