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Friday, March 27, 2009

Blogger from 'Applestone Cottage '-- Shares Her Trip to Galena Illinois

~~~ Her Trolley pic. I have a thing about Trolleys.~~~

I have made the most wonderful discovery about Applestone Cottage blog, which is not only pretty to view, but it is informative as well. What I found, was a blog full of pictures about a little tour in Galena Illinois. I am sure by now you all know my Fritz - Fred Meyer went there in 1869 to live with a blacksmith family who may have been working with Lead mining. We are not sure how long Fred stayed, because he was found across the river in Jackson county Iowa in 1870 census. [And we don't know much at all about Leise, and Mary].
According to Applestone cottage's account the President Grant's home was in existence already in 1860. To think they lived by my Three Meyers, Ahrens, and Mollemann. Check out the Applestone Cottage link below now and see the visit to Galena and more
Feel free to enjoy her blog. She is also an empty nester from the northern Packer state, Wisconsin. I am amazed at how many visitors she has had, and she has only had the blog less than a few months time. But then it is beautiful. See here for yourself.

From Blog--Applestone Cottage:
"The town's people built this home for Grant and his wife after the war for
2,500 dollars. The state of Illinois was deeded this from the Grant family and
the city of Galena." She says population is about 4,000.

Note: The sign said 1860 on one of her pictures. The war was over a few years before Fred came to America. After 1865 or so. Hmm, I wonder if Mr. Ahrens or Mollemann were in the war.

I am so grateful for Cynthia's post. It is nice to know too how close it actually is for a visit, but I wouldn't be able too for Quite awhile. With her blog, I feel as if i might have seen it for myself. I got the general feel for the city. She has another one on Galena. I also found her Lake Pepin/ Ingalls blogs of interest. Thank you, Cynthia.

Note: There has been mention of a connection with a Grant family, somehow??? Anyone in the know?

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