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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Seil familien namen - family name

~~~~~~~~~~ SEILs ~~~~~~~~~

August W. Seil

1---Annie Seil, granddaughter of August William SEIL from Dahlenburg and Uelzen. [ She was also a Child of Lizzie Seil Jaeschke]

It's time to discuss further the SEIL family from Dahlenburg and Oldendorf, bei Nahrendorf.

Besides the SEIL from Dahlenburg, many other Seil names and locations have appeared in documents. Already at one point or another I have mentioned the familien namen Seil from other locations:

11--Heinrich Seil geb. ab. 1859 bei Oldendorf.
[ oo - Mary Ahrens from Bleckede] Below here is a son Carl Seil on our left. Carl Seil and Dwight were fishing friends. Carl came up from
Iowa to fish at the southern Minnesota lakes with Dwight.

Evidently a card received at Sunnyslope Farm in Watowan county one christmas from Carl Seil's family.

111- Juergen Friedrich Seil a farmhand from Lueben oo 30.04.1822 Catharina Maria Luhmann marriage at Eichdorf / Nahrendorf. [Hers -*1794- +1848]

lV-- The Juergen Christoph Heinrich Seil of Breese oo 16.11.1810 Margaretha Magdalena Luhmann marriage at Eichdorf / Nahrendorf [ Hers - *1791 -]

V--- Marg. Dor. [neeSeil] Meyer. Her name came to me from the church. Here is a portion of my past post where she is mentioned. " This was the most important question to ask. It was the god parent of our Juergen Heinrich Friedrich Meyer geb.1851. Who was he. The brief explanation did not help much to supply meaning to any reading between the lines.Juergen Friedrich Meyer, schulze of Oldendorf oo- md 18. april.1834 with Margaretha Dorothea (Bausch) Schroeder widow of Juergen Heinrich Schroeder of Oldendorf. Juergen Friedrich Meyer's parents were Hauswirth Johann Heinrich Meyer of Sueschendorf and his wife Marg. Dor. Seil."

Not much more here

1---- Annie Seil [00 marriage in Iowa/ Minnesota - 1909] with Herman Meyer >

1---Lizzie Seil [Dahlenburg and Uelzen > Hildesheim connection of her mothers forefathers familiennamen KORN] > her father - August Friedrich Wilhelm Seil of Dahlenburg

More will follow shortly. I would like to spend more time on August Friedrich Wilhelm Seil of Dahlenburg. Family names of Brookmann, Schmidt, [Korn, Culemann, Lietz, Hofmann from Himbergen Uelzen]

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A rootdigger said...

We now know that the Heinrich Seil bei Oldendorf is from Mucklingen or Muecklingen Mücklingen