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Friday, March 19, 2010

Puffahrt - I like you a whole bunch Familienahmen, Familie Geschichte

I belong to a Hannover Kingdom mailing list available from Rootsweb.
I just live for Familiennahmen, family history posts by people like Manfred Puffahrt, who have
people in this Lueneburg Stadt area of Hanover. Goehrde, Bleckede,
Hitzacker, etc.
What you see here is one of his postings. I collect these Surnames and locations just like I collect gold and collectibles at Farmville at facebook.

I have separated residents and their villages and posted that at another page.
Some of the pages are currently in "Edit" at the moment
my intent is to separate people and add them to a page under
the village that they live in. I hope to add some kind of symbol
maybe designating what tree they belong to, and or source of my information.
If you have any helpful suggestions they would be welcome.
These surnames are as good as gold at Farmville. Some of these might be repeat family history.

The Date: Thu, 18 Mar 2010 17:52:10 Witzeetze / Bahrendorf
Witzeetze / Bahrendorf Tr 1840

Franz Heinr. KARSTENS, Schutschur
(V: + Hausw. Hans Heinr., M: +
Sophie Magd. KRUSE) - Cath. Dor. Magd. MEYER
(V: + Einw. Christ.
Dietr., Tiessau, M: Cath. Magd. BRAND)
- cop. Hitzacker 24.1.

Joh. Heinr. LAMPE, Hirte in Kl.Kühren
(V: + N., Hirte in Tollendorf,
M: N. Gause) - Mar. Cath. CRAMER geb. KARSTENS,
Wwe Joh. Georg Heinr.
KRAMER in Kl.Kühren - cop. 6.2.

Joh. Heinr. Lütkens, Einw. in Kl.Kühren,
Wwer der Dor. Elis. BREESE
- Marie Dor. SOOP
(V: + Hausw. Joh. Friedr. Heinr., Drethem,
M: Mar.Dor. Blücher) - cop. 6.2.

Joh. Jürg. Wilh. KARSTENS, Hausw.
in Tollendorf (V: Hausw. Joh.
Heinr. Wilh., M: Anna Elis. TIPPE)
- Dor. Elis. HAUL (V: Hausw. Joh.
Heinr., Glienitz, M: Cath. Magd. SOLTAU)
- cop. Hitzacker 8.2.

Franz Heinr. Breese, Kötner in Glienitz,
Wwer der Marie Dor. NEHRING
- Helene Sophie HERDERS
(V: + Hausw. Andreas Heinr., Bredenbock, M: +
Marg. Marie SCHULZ) - cop. Hitzacker 25.3.

Jürgen Heinr. Joachim BREESE -
J. Marie Elis. ROSSENBURG, etc.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
M. Puffahrt

Do not forget there was a Puffahrt name roped
in with a Farmville colonist.
My Particular interest here is Breese, Glienitz,
Schutzchur [Schulz], and Witzeetze. Nehering,
Do you suppose Fehring could have been Nehring.
Maybe. But the 'n' of the alphabet in old
writing does not look like a 'F'.
Time will tell.
SOURCE;  Hannover l [liste] [at] [Rootsweb Mailing list called Hannover Kingdom]

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