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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Unbekannt Meyer - Unknown Meyer - Missing Meyer Names

Genealogy working and searching is like putting the right Pieces of the puzzle together to make that final picture.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could view a master picture of a chart of what our completed family tree would look like. Illustrated here by the puzzle guide picture for help in putting the puzzle together. . It's nice.

But guess what ?

You still have to sort through, find the right piece, try it and replace it a few more times. Then there is the successful days where it works. One by one, two by two. Eventually you find most of the pieces. You can show your family your finished puzzle which looks just like the picture.

Lucky you sometimes finds some good hits of sources and you add it to your chart. Eventually you find most of the pieces of the past. and you can show your finished family chart full of family members to other family members..

Meyer Ubbekannt Women, Meyer Unbekannt Men who are unknown, do not yet fit into a big completed puzzle.

Some Pieces don't fit together.
Some People 's familiennamen just do not fit into my family line !
But at least there are still pieces or names to work with.
A Genealogical puzzle.
Just like a puzzle I have to fit the pieces together exactly. If not the puzzle would not form the picture. It may not even form the shape of a square or rectangle.

But at least there are still pieces of the past or names to work with from Oldendorf an der Goehrde. From Nahrendorf, Neetzendorf, Sueschendorf, Duebbekold, Radenbeck,Reinstorf, Dahlenburg, Ellringen, Eichdorf, Boitze, Weste, Sammatz, Barskamp, Kleinburg, alt Garge, and Dannenberg.

I have a long ways to go.

I am missing Meyer names.
I am missing Pieces of the past.

I have not found out about all the pieces of the past that go together to make the finished picture. To make the puzzle complete, they all have to be looked at and and and see if they fit together.

I am missing information on the Meyer family. I will not finish my family chart until more information is found. It has to be the right information. And then maybe My work can be called finished.

Can you help?

If I would have had bigger puzzle pieces I would have attached surnames on them through editing, I suppose. It could have been almost wordless. I will leave that for a future project. Thanks for stopping by.

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