Thursday, April 29, 2010

Puffahrt - I Like You A Whole Bunch

Wow, Today we get his newest posting involving Barscamp, and Walmsburg with some of our family names. - Saucke, Meyer.See, he knows I am interested in this. Perhaps I should question why I have not looked into the Famnord list.??From my collection of Manfred Puffahrt's postings dated
Wed, 28 Apr 2010 12:31:57 +0200
[HN] Subject: + Barskamp
It was directed to "Famnord Liste" , "Hannover Liste" . I made the usual changes for my pages.

He wrote:
"Guten Tag,
mal was aus Barskamp(+).
Claus Jürgen SAUCKEE
Hw. in Tosterglope + 24.10./ 26.10.1797 79 J.a.
Franz Jürgen MEYER
Hw. in Walmsburg 19.2./22.2.1811 51,2 J.a.
Jürgen Hinrich SAUCKE
At. In Tosterglope 7.6./10.6.1814 63 J.a.
Jürgen Hinrich SAUCKE
Em. in Tosterglope +3.2./6.2.1815 35 J.a.
Kath. Elisabeth MEYER
(~geb. Westedt) 19.10./21.10.1848 73,5,15 J.a.
wwe. Claus Jürgen MEYER
Hw. aus BruchdorfEngel Elisabeth BANSE
geb. Meyer 30.11./3.12.1819 74,4 J.a.
Wwe. des Jürgen Wilhelm Banse BruchdorfSuche noch zu den Personen was von H. Borstelmann.Mit freundlichen Grüßen
M. Puffahrt"

Source: From rootsweb Hannover Kingdom mailing list issues. Probably online still. Manfred Puffahrt at t-online dot de.

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