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Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I condensed this letter for a change, written to me after I had made a query at the message boards at My Query was in regards to a Wilhelm Puffahrt passenger along with the AUGUST GROTE /DEIDRICH AHRENS family immigration in 1889 from Oldendorf to Iowa. The link is to this post I did on that immigration.

Surnames: Puffert, Schroeder
I came across your posting in the process of researching
my own family history.
I believe that Wlm PUFFAHRT was my grandfather,
William Frederick PUFFERT. Henry SCHROEDER was his step-father,
Heinrich Schroeder. They did come to America in April of 1889.
My grandfather's mother was Magdalene PUFFAHRT.
She was unmarried at the time of his birth (1872) and married
Heinrich SCHROEDER in 1873/1874 in Germany.
Which family are you interested in?
I have a small amount of information on the
SCHROEDERS in America and much more on the Pufferts.
My mother was a daughter of William PUFFERT.

So there is my answer about why William Puffahrt was
traveling with the group. I suspect she may have a little
more information on the Schroeders. I must remember to ask her.

See as they say on television. You only have to begin looking.
Isn't genealogy wonderful.

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