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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Surname Location of the Day - Ahndorf - Burmester, Schultz,

You know how one thing leads to another, that's how it happened for the pick today. I didn't just open the book. I actually started with Schenk. You and I know there are tons of Burmesters in our Trees who lived in Bleckede / Dahlenburg.So one more is never too many. Enjoy.


, Johann Carsten, Hauswirt
+ vor 1780 Findorf
, Margareta Elsiabeth *1757 [r]
+ 1788 [336- BEHN SCHLADEMAN]

789( pp.79)
, Andreas, Hauswirt
lvd. 1689 ebd.
Two children:
1. BURMESTER, Anton Warner
*1685 [r] + 1775 [TREE- 720]
2. BURMESTER, Anna Magdalena
*1689 +1769 v [TREE -346]

BURMESTER, Anton Warner
*1685 [err]
+ 21.9.1775 Schlagte
~[]24.9.1775 Himb. 90 years old
Lvd. 1729 Schlagte. [TREE -789 & s.a. 838 Second marriage Matthies] 29.11.1720
SCHULTZ, [BURMESTER] Catharina Elisabeth
*1701 Schlagte Schulten 19.9.1701 Himb. +1723 Schlagte
[] 27.2.1723 Himb. 22 years old.
TWO CHILDREN died young.
[5076 schultz / Hardihn and many children's trees]

I grabbed the book about six o'clock, when I woke which is customary for me when I can't sleep. then I had to get pencil and paper, so you had better believe I did not stop with just Burmester.
You might want to Check around for more.

The book is listed in sources below. Sorry, but it still is not here at Gedbas: -
just jo arootdigger.


Die Familien und Einwohner des Kirchspiels Himbergen.

Museums- und Heimatverein des Kreises Uelzen e. V., 29525 Uelzen

Himberger Kirchenbuch 1670-1741 / Himberger Kirchenbuch 1741-1755 / Himberger Kirchenbuch 1756-1787 / Himberger Kirchenbuch 1788-1836 / Himberger Kirchenbuch 1837-1852 / Himberger Kirchenbuch 1853-1872 /Himberger Kirchenbuch 1873-1898
Anzahl der Familien:6.472 Familien

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