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Sunday, July 24, 2011


Courtesy of Heinrich Porth and Gunda Friesch of OFB Himbergen Book I bring you a little of the Genealogy - Family life history of Gade famly.


-GADE, HINRICH Burger and Brauer 8 before 1755 Bevensen. Lived 1688 there.
oo-Md before 1688
Lived 1688 Bevensen.
GADE, ELISABETH MAGDALENE. * 1688, [r]- +1755. [2335]

-GADE, ELISABETH MAGDALENE. [There is an indication of an error in birth date 1688]
+23.May1755 Weste, Himbergen 67 years old. Lived about 1707 in Weste. [Elt. 1437]
00 md. 9.Nov.1707 Himbergen.
KAISER, CHRISTOFFER HINRICH, Grobschmied 55 Hufschmied. *1679 Weste. ~23.03.1679 Himbergen. +Warsch. 1739 Weste [] warsch 15.Sept.1739 63 years old.
[Elt. 2383]
9 of 10 Healthy Children:

# 10. KAISER, Anna Elizabeth * 1730 - +1752
Note: Some parentage of a couple of Kaiser children's death in Weste may be associated with this family

-GADE, HANS PETER. Lived 1800 Schatensen
oo md before 1800.
MEYER, CATHARINA MARGARETHA . Lived 1800 in Schatensen.
Daughter, GADE, CATHARINA MARGARETA. *1800 [r] +1867 [4016]

-GADE, JOHAN JUERGEN , Dienstknecht, Lived 1828 Bevensen
oo md before 1828
-1447- GADE, JOHANN FRIEDRICH, Schuhmacher, *04.04.1828 Bevensen. Lived 1856 there.[1447] [Elt. 1444]
00 md. 1856 O.o
BURMESTER, CATHARINA MARIA, 1.4.1828 Duebekolt. kf. 1842 Himbergen. Lived 1842 there. [722]

If you would like a little more of the unlisted children of Kaiser family # 2335, Just ask. Eventually it will get to one of these pages.

If we're good, maybe the Next post can be more about the Burmester family mentioned above.


Sandra said...

Trying to find information on my g g grandmother.Marie Katharina Dorothea GADE was born in Bevensen Hannover 1854.Her parents were Johann Heinrich GADE (farm hand) and Elisabeth GADE nee Struve.

Marie married Adolph Carl Frederick BEHRENS born 1838 in Uelzen.They were married in Hamburg 1876 then they migrated
to Australia the same year.

The above information has been collected from Australian records.

Any information you have would be kindly appreciated.


Sandra said...

I am trying to find information regarding the GADE family.
My great great maternal grandmother
was Marie Katharina Dorothea GADE born in 18th November 1854 in Bevensen Germany.

Marie parents were Johann Heinrich GADE(farm hand)and Elisabeth GADE nee STRUVE.

Marie married Adolph Carl Frederick BEHRENS in Hamburg 20th June 1876 then migrated to Australia the same year.

This information has been obtained from records in Australia.

If you can help in any way it would be appreciated.
Thanks Sandra from Australia

A rootdigger said...

Sandra, I have also been interested in Gade. It does seem that some families drifted over from Bevensen to some of the other villages in that area. As time goes on, I will do a little investigation and keep those names in mind. In fact My knew post may give you a new place to look. At least it was new for me.

I assume you have your information at since I saw this at your blog, I can't be sure if I saw it elsewhere. In Martin county Minnesota are some families that stem from our area of Bleckede, Luneburg, and south and west down along the Elbe river. By along I mean all the way to Celle. In other words. Niedersachen.
A couple of names there were Strube and Behrens, Behne.Among others with links to Celle. Whether they tie or not, that is the question.
As I find information on Gade and Behrens and Otte, you can be sure I will include it here. And I will return to your nice blog to learn and refresh.

You do know about Bavensen's chronik? I think their might be a couple of sites. One of which only directs one to their fabulous book which I wish I could buy. If any of you have it, I hope you remember us.

A rootdigger said...

I know I have many links at the side of the page here and at my arootdiggers blog. Under places and locations of various sorts as well as history of Place names you probably will see the Bevensen chronik link.
I wonder if he completed his military service? I know my guy did. 1876 is after the war ended with france.

At Ancestry I have been pouring over casualty records and there area some Casualty records of 1813. I remember seeing the Gade name forefront in the list. I will review it too.

and I will check on the Himbergen Behrens.
At I found this bunch of people at Bevensen, Gade didn't come to the table, but searching through them, might have something, I am not sure. So here is the link.

A rootdigger said...

Sandra I tried to follow your comment to your page, but no luck, I will have to see if you follow. at any rate try this link for starters. More than likely your Gade was connected with Otte, and I know where they came from by soltau and Bergen via luttmiss??; and von der ohe; Lohe;schatensen, schaumberg, etc and of course shirttails at Uelzen. Start with this link and see where it takes you.

In Celle area several families went to australia, that may be your clue. also do not forget aida onling searches for immigration from Hamburg. I saw australia as this spelling australien. I also know some family from Dahlenburg and area also went to australia.