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Sunday, March 3, 2013

More on Family history of the [ August] Grote, Naefke, and Ahrens,

My genealogy information to share with you today is taken from the register of Early Members of Christ Lutheran church of Greene county, Iowa. At the time of these early settling ancestors it was called the St Peters church.

I felt I had to share these record because recently I had an inquiry about the Grote family involved with our William Meyer [my first male Meyer born Oldendorf] son of Juergen Hch. Wilhelm Meyer born 1843 at Eichdorf..

I had included the information at Ancestry from the Meyer book information which Verl Matthews sports in his Ancestry work at I now have decided it is about time to resubmit the copies of the St. Peters church records that I have had tucked away in a box. I dug them out tonight and so you can see it.

Grote Family church records #13 following the Zeitz family.

#13 Heinrich Wilhelm August Grote born 18.june.1848 of Neindorf, Kries Bleckede Hannover. His wife Sophie Cathatine* Dorothea nee Hagemann born 30.11.1855 from or born there at Goeddingen Hannover.

a. Grote, August Friedrich Wihelm - Goeddingen, Hannover Born 12.Feb.1878.

b. Grote, Carl Heinrich Ernst - Goeddingen, Hannover Born 5.03.1880

c. Grote, Hermann Wilhelm Heinrich - Goeddingen, Hannover 22. Jan. 1885.

d. Grote, Adele Mathilde Dorothea - Goeddingen, Hannover Born 05 .March 1887

e. Grote, Emma Louise Marie - Dawson twp. Greene co. Ia. Born 27.09.1891
Babtismal sponsers were Maragretha Meyer*, Claus Nahnsen, Louise Nahnsen, Godber and Dor. Carstensen. [*I believe Maragretha was married to Philip Meyer]

[This following addition was supplied by Mark Kuhlman - Dec 2009.]

f. Grote, Frank Grote Born Nov 1893 in Farnhamville, Iowa - Died and buried there in 1954.

Grote, Paul Grote born Feb 1895 in Randolph, Arkansas. Paul Grote's Canadian Immagrtion Papers dated 24 Feb 1924 went to Red Deer, Canada.



Wilhelm Johann Heinrich Meyer
28.Sept.1873 - Oldendorf Amt. Bleckede
!st Wife, Dorothea Wilhelmine nee Carstensen
14 april.1878. Dawson township Greene county Iowa. [ Johann Carstensen, Soenka Carstensen]

a. Meyer, Walter Godber Heinrich - Gowrie tsp Webster county, Ia. 20.june.1901.Babtism 14.July. 1901. Sponser was Maria Meyer

b. Meyer, Mabel Dorothea Maria - Webster co. Ia.. 4.april 1903. Babtised 14.June.1903. Sponsers were Dorothea Bush, Herman Meyer, Emma Meyer.

c. Meyer, Eleonora Wilhelmine Gowrie twsp Webster co. Iowa 22.May 1906 Babtized Greene county, Ia.. Sponsers were Peter Hansen and Minnie Meyer [Wlm].

2nd wife was Adel Grote Naefke. The family lived at Watonwan county, Minnesota  for a time. He lived with her for a time in Martin County.

NAEFKEAhh, I think you all deserve a little bonus here. I am giving two pages of entries of the Name Naefke in the St Peters Luthran church records. So quickly now, on page thirty two of my sheets I find a babtism record of Herman Naefke.

Only two entries with the name NAEFKE. PP. 32, and pp. 33.

Babtismal records #18.
- NAEFKE, Herman Heinrich Adolf 14 aug.1884. and 16.nov.1884.
Parents: Heinrich Naefke - Louise nee Sauke.
Sponsers: Adolf H. Meyer, John H. Sauke, Juergen W Meyer,
Pastor Gossweiler

Babtismal record #21
MEYER, Frida Maria Louise* 3.May.1885 to 7.June.1885
Parents: Wilhelm Meyer - Maria nee Heins
Sponsers: Maria Meyer, Louise Naefke, Pastor Gossweiler
[Frieda Meyer Nahnsen was my namesake. Because of her birth date.]

pp. 33.

Babtismal record #33
KANNING, Johann Heinrich Friedrich 27.Dec.1888 to 3.02.1889.
Parents: Dietrich Kanning - Marie nee Schroeder
Sponsers: Heinrich Naefke, Heinrich Sauke, Friedrich Schroeder
Pastor w. Mallon


I will take a little peek to see if any burial records for Naefke and then skip to Grote.I saw Williaman Carstensen. But no Naefke or Grote mentioned.

GROTE Death record # 10.
Grote, Wilhelm Hans Nicolaus 4. Sept.1892. age 11 months, 15 days services 5.Sept.1892.

Babtismal Record # 48
MEYER x.. Louise Alwine 4. Aug 1891
Parents: Wilhelm Meyer - Maria nee Heins
Sponsers: Lena Nahnsen, Dietrich Naefke, Dorothea Naefke, Heinrich and Louise Naefke

Babtismal Record # 51
GROTE, Wilhelm Hans Nicolaus 27.Sept.1891.
Parents:  August Grote - Dorothea nee Hagemann
Sponsers:  Margaretha Meyer, Claus Nahnsen, Louise Nahnsen, godber and Dorothea Carstensen.

Babtismal Record # 52
Emma Louise Maria (possibly a twin to the above)?? [and that is all that was written on that entry]

Their are Seil entries with Kanning. More on that at a later time.

*There are a few more entries in the church records of the Naefke name, but were not indexed. As for some to the other names, it more or less said, too numerous to index.

It is alittle bit unusual that both children would have same date of birth, but each with a different year of birth. Could it be a mistake?

* Note: Cathatine must be Catharine.

By the way Jurgen Heinrich Friedrich Meyer origination location was said to be Oldendorf Amt. Bleckede Prov. Hannover and wife Maria Dorotheea Margarethe Schenk from Bleckede Prov. I have not found her origination village as of yet.

Source: St Peter and Church of Christ Lutheran church of Calhoun county, Iowa. It was Near Farnhamville, Iowa.

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A rootdigger said...

There are a few more entries in the church records of the Naefke name, but were not indexed. As for some to the other names, it more or less said, too numerous to index.