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Friday, July 19, 2013

Ellringen, Resident Surnames Reminder

Just a reminder about Names of residents of village Ellringen.
I had to remind myself who lived at Ellringen in  Heinrich Porth and Gunda Friesch book.{ See source below or side of the page..}
I found these residents who actually came from somewhere else.


Gerstenkorn, Johann Heinrich.  Hsw. lvd. 1836 Ellringen
00 Janke, or Jahnecke, Catharina  Magdalena lvd 1836 Ellringen.
Sohn # 1542 tochter #2710

Gerstenkorn, George Adolph Heinrich
31.12.1836  lvd Ellringen. Maybe came from Riecklingen.
001863 o.(.prokl Hi.
Tiedemann, Catharina Dorothea  *21.6.1830.Himbergen [Elt 6012]

Gerstenkorn, Maria Catharina Lisette
*1836 - + 1892

Steinhauer,  Johann Heinrich
Lived. 1844 in Ellringen
Sohn 5792

Steinhauer, Johann J rgen
lived 1844 Ellringen,
00  1844 Dahlenburg prokl Hi.
Nieman, Maria Elisabeth
*1808 # 4731

 Taken from authors: Gunda Friesch / Heinrich Porth Book: Die Familien und Einwohner des Kirchspiels Himbergen 2006  Ortsfamilienbuch 1670 - 1895 und Untersuchung zur Bevölkerungsgeschichte
    498 S. ISBN 3-929864-10-X. - Preis 33,00 €
Many books are no longer availble so try here:
Note many other wonderful books available:
originaltext link:
Band 6: Friesch, Gunda/Porth, Heinrich: Die Familien und Einwohner des Kirchspiels Himbergen: Ortsfamilienbuch 1670–1895 und Untersuchung zur Bevölkerungsgeschichte mit den Orten Almstorf, Boecke, Brockhimbergen, Glieneitz, Gr. Malchau, Gr. Thondorf, Hagen, Himbergen, Hohenfier, Hohenzethen, Kettelstorf, Kl. Thondorf, Kollendorf, Nievelitz, Reddien, Rohrstorf, Schlagte, Schlankau, Stoetze, Strothe, Testorf, Törwe, Weste, Westersunderberg, Wolfshof und Zieritz. Uelzen, 2006. 498 S. ISBN 3-929864-10-X. - Preis 33,00 €
[see left side of page]

Note:  I would include a pic photo of the book, but my cover is no longer easily found. and it's very used.

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