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Friday, November 11, 2016

WENIGE - pafg11 - Wenige Must Be Family Related to Our Rosseburg And The Others

WENIGE - pafg11 - Erstellt mit Personal Ancestral File:  I have this guilt about this Wenige family tree information.  I have good and bad  feelings about publishing the personal work of the researcher. I have a good idea how he might feel about me.  
They must be family. and that is why I finally decided to share it. Plus it is now gone and no one can see anymore since it is now missing. I only have a few of  the pages of all this work by the Wenige family researcher. Instead of the villages that interest me now there are some  information pages that I have never seen before.  Names that mean nothing right now.. Luckily,  I had saved a few that do interest me. 

Readers, I do see that this is a personal ancestral website and I suppose I feel bad if I  violate them. I do understand how it feels having ones material stolen.  Readers if you feel I am wrong in posting this, please write it down at comments for arootdigger to see. I will consider it more. I do hope you understand that  I am looking for him and family who relate.   I have looked for some contact address in vain and now further remorse is that it is gone,  so I am really hoping that maybe he will find me.   I left in his or her Id. numbers. I will check with our friend  Rosseborg blogger  at the blog about sheep to see how much they relate to his Rosseborg at Pommoissel.... 
Do you think he can find me?  


"Jürgen Friedrich ROSSEBORG   [187] [Eltern] wurde am 14.März.1825 in Pommoissel, Dahlenburg, Niedersachsen geboren. Er erhilt am 15.März.1825 in Nahrendorf, Dahlenburg, Niedersachsen die Kleinkindtaufe. Er heiratete-  00  Dorothea Elisabeth STEINHAUER  [180]  am 18..Juli.1856.
Dorothea Elisabeth STEINHAUER  [180]   [Eltern] wurde am 10.Februar.1831 in Kovahl, Dahlenburg, Niedersachsen geboren. Sie erhielt am 11.März.1831 in Nahrendorf, Dahlenburg, Niedersachsen die Kleinkindtaufe. Sie heiratete Jürgen Friedrich ROSSEBORG  187]  am 18.Juli.1856. Dorothea ist ev. beigetreten.

Sie hatten die folgenden Kinder:   ( Sorry I dont  think I have it) ( I will consult my private notes and get back to you all.
Heinrich Jürgen Friedrich ROSSEBORG  [179]

Jürgen Heinrich STEINHAUER  [181] [Eltern] wurde am 30.März.1800 in Kovahl, Dahlenburg,Niedersachsen geboren. Er erhielt am 01.April.1800 in ev., N
ahrendorf, Dahlenburg, Niedersachsen die Kleinkindtaufe.
Er heiratete Dorothea Margarethe Müller   [203 ] am 08.Dezember.1826.
Jürgen arbeitete als Hauswirt.
Dorothea Margarethe Müller  [203] [Eltern].
Dorothea heiratete Jürgen Heinrich STEINHAUER  [181] am 08.Dezember.1826.
Sie hatten die folgenden Kinder:
Dorothea Elisabeth STEINHAUER   [180]

Hans Jürgen Steinhauer  [186]. Hans heiratete  00 Anna Catharina Schlicht  [182]
Hans arbeitete als Hauswirt.
Anna Catharina Schlicht  [182].    Anna heiratete  00 Hans Jürgen Steinhauer  [186].
Sie hatten die folgenden Kinder:
Jürgen Heinrich Steinhauer[181]"

YOU have seen my frequent references to the name Schlicht, Rosseborg, and Steinhauer at hof 30 in Oldendorf. Also mentioned as home of our Ahrens Michels family tree. I'll compare data names later. I Just have to mention right now that Ernst Luhmann family revolves around Schlight over at Bleckede. See the Luhmann / Schlicht tree. for further information. They with Wilhelm are the Luhmann whom Emigrated to Lohrville Iowa. Other surnames are Brockmann, Tippe, Meier, Jacobs, Blank, Steinbeck, Muller,

WENIGE - pafg11 - Erstellt mit Personal Ancestral File:

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A rootdigger said...

The guy with the sheep blog _- Poplar Hill Farm - I had shown him the link before so this all is not new information for him.