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Friday, September 11, 2009

WIESE, WICHEL, FABLE, FABELS of Himbergen Uelzen with Meier of Molzen and Oetzendorf

The Fable family connect to the Raetzmann family tree from the Himbergen, Uelzen area of Hannover . FABEL [s] are on my church records. So for that reason, I will spend a little time of these, who were with the tree of those whom resided at Sauck county, Wisconsin. Reedsburg one of the earliest settled areas in Wisconsin.

It was so close to Chicago, Iowa, and Missouri.

Today, I am primarily concerned with the Paul Behmke and his wife Holly's tree mostly the Fabels from Uelzen. It's because I found the ties of my RATZMANN to their RATZMAN. For further information I have used the book Die Familien und Einwhoner des Kirchspiels Himbergen.

At Ancestry Her ID number: I14789
Name: Catharine Margarethe FABELS
Given Name: Catharine Margarethe
Surname: Fabels
Sex: F
Birth 10
MAR 1744 in Gross Thondorf, Himbergen of Hannover,
_ 14 NOV 1777 in Molzen, Hannover, Prussia
Father: Juergen Heinrich FABEL
Marriage : 1. Juergen Heinrich MEIER b: 16 OCT 1743
in Oetzendorf, Hanover, Germany
Married: 15 NOV 1776 in Moltzen, Hannover,
Prussia, Germany
Children : Margarethe Elisabeth Meyer
b: 21 OCT 1777 in Oetzendorf, Hanover, Prussia, Germany

I posted this with the fathers name under Post-ems on their page at rootsweb world connect see sources. I separated everything so nicely, and then it all jumbled together again.

From book pp.112 second column.
[1308]-Jurgen Hinrich FABEL, Hauswirth, B. 1703 Gr. Thondorf. Christened ~26.8.1703 Himbergen, Uelzen. Died: + 24.1.1760 Gr. Thondorf 57 years old. 00 1st marriage:: Anna Catharina MUELLER,. b.1709 [gesche =means not totally sure??] at Jarlitz +12.8.1746 Gross Thondorf Buried Himbergen. [1302] [ parents 3666 ] Father Jarlitz Mother: Elisabeth Margretha GEVERS born 1676 Westerwyhe [ some german information about schwiegersohn.?? She died 15.3.1749 Gr. Thondorf. lived 1734 Jarlitz. [parents 1558]. 2 children mentioned. 1] Ernest Jurgen FABEL *3.10.1741 Gr. Thondorf ~Himbergen +31.10.1741 Gr.Thondorf 2] Catharina Margretha FABEL.*10.3.1744 [3591] Gross Thondorf. Lived 1776 Oertzendorf [parents number 1302]. 00 md. Jurgen HinrichMEYER. He + died 1800 Oetzendorf. He lived 1776 there. Witwer [s.a.3617]. One child mentioned -Margreta Elisabeth MEYER *26.10.1777 Oetzendorf +9.5.1860 Torwe Buried Himbergen[619] She lived 1816 Torwe[ [s.a.3622.] Parents 359]. --00 married George BUBACH, a soldier. He died 1816 Oetzendorf. 2ND OO marriage - Jurgen Henrich Christoph MEYER *1761- +1837 [3593] [his second marriage] 19.5.1816. One child Johann Hinrich MEYER b.24.6.1817 Torwe 12.11.1870 Torwe [parents 3622] md. 00 29.11.1846 [3433] Catharina Dorothea SCHMIDT 18.9.1818 Himbergen +3.5.1863 Torwe [parents 4866]. Her parents from Quickborn. And her grandfather from Quickborn.Her mother was a FRIEDRICH from Havekost.

Two boys . One died small. One girl*1858 lived at Torwe. Kathrine Dorothee Elisbeth MEYER.


Above Fabels second marriage was to Elisabeth Margaretha WICHEL. [ She married WIESE in 1760 at Himbergen. Her Father was Hans Wichel, who was a Einwohner and Ackermann * 1717 Buendorf, Ksp. village Dahlenburg which is very near Quickborn. + 3.9.1791Gr. Thondorf. Lived 1747 Gross Thondorf. Seven children. One died in childhood, two are unknown to us.

Children's marriage surnames: Retcher a corpral. Burmester of Wellendorf. Baumgarten.

[6336] Wilhelm Johann WIESE * 1717 Eddestorf + 19.5.1767 Gr. Thondorf. Lived there at Gross Thondorf in 1760. [ 6334, 1308, 5893 ]

Two children [ 5893 ] Franz Juergen STRUCK, knecht from Breese. His father Lived 1786 *Breese., 92 Almstorf and 94 Hohenzollern. Wiese - father lived Eddelstorf - MEINE

I Can keep going, so ask if you would like more on these families..

Note: Also anyone from Suttorf there is high probability they also were at Oldendorf/Nahrendorf, Dubbekold,Suschendorf,Dannenberg Any book by Heinrich Porth and Gunda Friesch. is worth the peek. Hch. Porth has the book about Ebstorf and another one which may cover Bevensen. They will give more details also. Behn[eke] also from Ostheide area. That which includes Suttorf. I have been reading a german book about it and have seen the name. Naturally, I have only covered the surface .


1. I highlighted the family from Breese. You may or may not know that our Seil and Heins family lived at Breese. And the Graf Grote's wife lived in that area too. Some of the Seil went into the Himbergen area as well. I don't know if the two different Seil families connect. I suspect that they really did.

2. There is an on going interest on my part with the location of Meyer fromTorwe since I acquired some information on the Genzel tree. This is not the first time you will hear about it. [smile]

Source: World Connect at rootsweb under Gilbert Walter Meyer tree/ Holly.

Note: In the book any spelling falls under one spelling that of Meyer. I unfortunately have a few Meier / Meyer pages missing. So I have to rely on posting I did a few years ago.

Note: There is more indepth record numbers from church documents. Soon I will post that as well.

Please check back soon for more on the areas.

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