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Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Name WOLTERS from Oldendorf in Naturparks ELBUFER-DRAWEHN

In the Farnhamville St Peters church group there was some Wolters. I first noticed them because they were godparents to some children of my families of interest at the time. I had wondered why that could be the case. As I was searching over the churches cemetery listings, I noticed their name and the data entry on their tombstone. It merely said Mother and Father instead of a name.

Later, when I learned of some Wolter names in my Meyer Oldendorf church records, I was curious to know if they could be the same family. Often times it is shirt tail relation of someone else that the people are related to that immigrate. I guess for our people in a community, these people become close to them and they reperesent people from back home.

After I receive records from the church, I try to follow up with questions about those people who were in the records. I can't tie up the researcher too much, so I try to narrow down my question times. This answer came in regards to the name Wolters who was in another answer to a question about a sponser to My Jurgen Friedrich Meyer born 1851.

Don't get confused because it is another Jurgen Friedrich Meyer. And Yes, I wonder if he is relation. Since he is a babtismal sponser for our Juergen Hch. Wilhelm Meyer.

Wolter, Marie Elisabeth Wolter was born at Oldendorf. At the time she was married to a Schmidt, she was a babtismal sponser to one of the twins of Juergen Friedrich Meyer in 1859.

Note: I haven't covered that babtism of the Meyer Twins here at the Blog of Oldendorf yet. Which I should.

At this time I will mention that there was another Marie Elisabeth Schmidt mentioned once who was an Anbauers frau. Or Farmers wife in Oldendorf. This Marie Elisabeth Schmidt was sponser in 1847 to Meyer, Marie Katharine. Child of my Juergen Friedrich Meyer in Oldendorf. One of the two other sponsers was Katherine Marie Rohrs of Oldenorf? [She could be anyone] And a Katharine Dorothea Elisabeth Meyer a hauswirths daughter there. ??

When I saw the Marie Elisabeth Schmidt name I wondered, if she could be Juergen Friedrich Meyer's sister. His sister was born in 1804. Juergen Frd Meyer married in 1838. He moved to Oldendorf in 1845 when he became a landowner there by the Uncle Wilhelm Friedrich Ries family that married into the Luhmann family.

Wolters, Katharine Dorothea from Oldendorf.
In 1849 the name Wolters pops up again as sponser to Juergen Friedrich Meyer and Catharina Margarathea Luhmann's daughter. Again they are living at Oldendorf.

Wolter, Heinrich Friedrich a Musicus dasedbst.
In 1851 when Juergen Frd. and Catrina Margarethea Meyer youngest son Juergen Friedrich Meyer was babtised in 1851 we find that this Wolter was a godparent. Along with him the other two others. One was Johann Juergen Heinrich Saucke, a Hsw. in Oldendorf. The other was Juergen Friedrich Meyer, schulz in Oldendorf. [I sure would like to know more about him.]

Now is a good time to mention another family with connection to the name Wolters.

Daetz, {Wolters,Saucke}, Marie Dorothea Eliszabeth of Oldendorf. Survived Wittwe of the deceased Johann Juergen Gustaph Wolter of Oldendorf.
Church Marriage record Nr. 4/1846. Nahrendorf. She married Johann Juergen Heinrich Saucke. A young associate service farmhand with Roethen * and a beginning Hsw. In Oldendorf. He is the son of the Hsw. Johann Friedrich Saucke in Boitze and the deceased wife the same *Anna Elisab [get. or geb.] Fable.

Now if I go into this, it is another huge can of worms to be opened. Just note that I will return with and more on Saucke. There is the Saucke name in Oldendorf and in Farnhamville. As well as in Tosterglope along with Luhmann.

Wolter, Johann Friedrich. In 1881 he was a god parent to Hch Frd. Herman Meyer. [ son of Juergen Hch. Wilhelm and Maria Dorothea (Heins) Meyer] Nr.24/1881. The other one was a beekeeper at Breese, Johann Hinrich Heins.

Wolter, Johann. A Hsw. in Oldendorf was God parent to Heinrich Wilhelm Meyer. Nr. 3/ 1884. The other god parent was Wilhelm Klug a Kothner in Oldendorf. Little Heinrich died that same year as wilhelm Meyer's family emigrated to Amerika.

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