Saturday, September 4, 2010

Abbreviations Used in the book Translated for us.

Mini series of Familiengeschichte des alten Amtes Bleckede -- Heinrich Borstelmann book.

You will have to click to make the translation of abbreviations larger.


Matthias Steinke said...

Hello, here is a translation:
Alt. Altenteiler /retired farmer, who still lived on the farm.
Brk-Brinkkoethner /small farmer, who settled at a brink of a town.
Chr. Christoph
Chrst. Christian
E. Einheirat (translated: Intomarriage..when a groom married a bride with a farm, he married into the farm..
eh. ehemals / in former times
Eh. Marriage or wife
G. Gutsmann/Gutsherr, property-owner
Grk. Grosskoethner / farmer of a midsize-farm bigger than a Brinkkoethner
H. Hof Hoefner - farm or farmer
Hh Halbhoefner, Halbhof : halfsize farm resp.farmer
Hsl. Haeusling (houseling, farmhand)
Hsw. Hauswirt, houseowner
K. Kothe )cottage), Koethner (cottager)
Ki, Kirchspiel, churchparish
Klk Kleinkote small cottage
Mich. document from the Michaelis-monastery in Lueneburg
S. son
Stiefs stepson
Stieft stepdaughter
Stiefv stepfather
Sud. Sudenburg book of documents
T. daughter
Ue Uebergabe / giving the farm,cottage and soon to the next generation
Vh Quartsize-farm, -farmer
Vn Vorname - first name
lh Vollhof (fullsize farm, biggest farms
W. Wirtschaftsführung, farmwork
Wbleckede - Wendischbleckede (a town)
Wthun - Wendischthun (also a town)
Z - Zwischenwort - intermediate word
Wwisch - Wendewisch

A rootdigger said...

Thank you Matthias Steinke. Would you know what that one letter in straight form on the other pages of his book stands for? I think it is a small s. or is it a "t." or a "l." If they have the Big S for sohn why would they need small "s"?

I looked for it on this chart. Thank you so much,Mattias Steinke. I often have nightmares thinking I translated Heinrich Christop instead of Christian. I hope I have the original copy stored somewhere so I can double check.
I wonder if you have a tree at Geneanet. I feel like I wrote you or was going to do so.