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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dear Kris Kringle, Santa Claus, St Nicholas, Could Your Check Your Naughty and Nice List?

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Dear Genea - Santa

This Saturday Night Genealogy Fun challenged, Issued by Randy Seaver at Genea Musings, is as Follows.
Write your Genea - Santa letter. Have you been a good genalogy girl or boy? What Genealogy- oriented items are on your Christmas wish list? They could be family history items, technology items, or things that you want to pursue your ancestral quest.

Before Christmas 2010,

Dear Kris Kringle {Santa Claus], St. Nick

Thank you Kris Kringle, for last years gifts. It was really nice of you. I must have been a better girl than I thought.
I know you must check your naughty and nice list every year. I am so glad you have those lists, so you can give nice presents to good people. If you can Santa could you please check both of your Naughty and nice lists for Meyer people, who live in Oldendorf. Even better, Santa, if you please, could you dig out your old books and check in the vicinity of Oldendorf and der Goehrde for children who lived there in the early 1900's.

In fact, if you could find any children and grandchildren of Juergen Friedrich Meyer [born 1814 at Neetzendorf ] who moved to Oldendorf 1845 with his wife Kathrina Margarethea Luhmann. If it just happens to give the hof number, could you put it on a piece of paper for me, It would make the best stocking stuffer. Maybe you even know if he remarried after his wife Kathrina Margarethea died in 1856. I am sure it would be greedy of me to ask, but I have to ask you, if you have her name.

I have tried to be so good this year. I haven't spent much money at all on those wonderful German books, like those written by Heinrich Porth, Heinrich Borstelmann, or Dr. Raven's book about Bleckede hofs. As much as I long to possess them; I have been resisting the tempation to buy them.

However, If I can manage, I will donate to the Nahrendorf, Dahlenburg, and Radenbeck church again, as soon as I can. I am sure they would be glad of a donation for doing a small search for me. Maybe you can fill Herr Bock stocking heaping full, for all his good works he does with his talent in research in the church archives. I hope you give pastor Slackner at the Nahrendorf church a nice special gift too.

Do what you can please Santa. I will leave you a slice of my best pie, my Chocolate peanut butter pie, which everyone loves. And some nice apples for your reindeer.

Jo Meyer, a rootdigger.

Ps. Kris Kringle, I would love to see your family tree too. Do you have it all recorded. You really must you know.

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A rootdigger said...

St Nicholaus if your reading this, I think we should talk. Do you have a number for the north POle.