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Monday, December 6, 2010

A 'welcome' greeting to the New Followers!

My Goodness, Look everyone! See at the side column where it says "Follow" Our followers have increased from five or six to double over night. I see some familiar faces.

Welcome to Genealogy of Oldendorf, und Nahrendorf blog spot. Sit, join in, suggest, comment, give additions, lurk, correct, what ever you wish. Here we are mainly concerned with the people,places, events, media of the Hannover Kingdom by the Elbe River. Lower Saxony- Niedersachen.

Our family threads are extremely tangled, as it often is, when a group of German heritage settlers emigrate together from the old country. You see, Back there even today, when you stop at a stop sign everyone waves and knows your name. We don't want that familiarity go to waste. I want to perpetuate it here. If you have information from there, it is very welcome.

I tend to like to praise my donors, but you can stay anonymous, if you wish. We're kind of use to doing our own thing here. I am sorry to tell you, I tend to leave much of my information in German - Deutsch Language. [But I am no so dumb, I have my own reasons. Wink]

[Notice the guy at the end in the front row, a nonconformist? There is always a few in every group, right?
Or he broke his arm and couldn't do that prosperous business man gesture.] Source of photo is unknown, sorry.

Maybe you might even find your family here. I sport [ok, - borrow] others trees as well as records of my own. I hope my mangled jumbled blog gives you information you need, If not ask. I have a few readers not on the follow list with ties to Oldendorf, Nahrendorf, Dahlenburg, Bleckede, Dannenberg, and Luneburg, Uelzen, and Celle, who just might know the answer.

Well, time to go now, but maybe, we'll see you later.

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