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Monday, November 29, 2010

Emigration source AIDA online - [Ellringen ] Köstorf- Gerstenkorn, Schoop

Those surnames and locations look pretty familiar to me. Now where have we seen this before.?

Hauptstaatsarchiv Hannover
1845 - 1871
Amt Bleckede
Hann. 74 Bleckede (W) Nr. 709
Reg. II Loc.268 Nr.1
Heranziehung von Hauswirten in Ellringen und des Georg Hr.
Gerstenkorn in Köstorf, des Christ. Fr. Schoop in Oldendorf,
des Georg Fr. Tüscher und des Wilhelm Westedt in Catemin zu
Elbdeicharbeiten und Wachdiensten

1 comment:

TCasteel said...

I thought it was just me...but yes I can relate to the feeling that the names all begin to run together after awhile.