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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bleckede- Schmiebrecht Luhmann, Kruse, Jacobs, Grothe, Brese, Brockman,Mueller, Steinbach, Blank, Meier, Tippe

Welcome to my blog site of my Genealogie, Genealogy of Surnames from the Nahrendorf Church bei Oldendorf, Goehrde, Sueschendorf, Eichdorf, Dahlenburg, and Bleckede. I have information on Luhmann, and Meyer, the Seil's many branches. Of particular interest to me are my families of Oldendorf. And that involves so many other family names!!.

I would like other people with relatives from this area to please let me know. Perhaps you would like to add them here.??. It would be so nice to see a collection of names growing. Wouldn't that help us all.

I would like to learn more about the people of this place. You will see my various questions I have about the people, customs, land, history, relation. If your here to read, I hope you can contribute, share, and comment, correct me, and ask any question about my information. You can comment or email me.

It will become obvious to you that this is a work in progress. Some of my work on one day may be more involved two weeks later. So you will need to check back to see my changes. If you wish to subscribe to my little blog, let me know.


All surnames familien names of the Ernst Luhmann family. Ernst born 1811 at Eichdorf and probably babtised at the Lutheran church of Nahrendorf.
We have here also the locations of Bleckede and Dahlenburg.

Anna Brese was from Nahrendorf.
Luhmann family:

Goehrde - Roethen, Oldendorf Meyer, Saucke
Sammatz, - Luhmann, Meyer,
Ventschau - Reinecke, Schulz, Pagel
Eichdorf - Luhmann, Jahnecke
Leestahl - Luhmann,
Neetzendorf - Meyer, Bartels, Schultze
Dübbekold - Schroeder, Gehrke
Schutschur, Schulz, Pagel,Luhmann
Walmsburg - Carstens,Behrens

Other villages of the Bleckede tree.
Barskamp - Schlicht
Alt Garge -
Neu Garge ? Jacobs
Garge -
Kovahl - Mueller,
Bleckede -
Nindorf - Schlicht, Blank, Steinbach
Barkmohr - Brockman
Bargmoor -
Kleinburg - Blank, Meier, Schlicht

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