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Friday, October 10, 2008

Genealogie of the Colonist Mosel From Boitzenburg

Since I have developed and interest in the eight colonists who went to Farnhamville; [The county of Calhon, Greene county and the county of Webster.]I decided awhile back to research the family Mosel. Since my dad always included the Mosels into that group. I thought it was best to start in Iowa.

I was lucky to find a person who had already done this. Herr Slotten was kind enough to write to me and give me some information, which I then shared with the Mosel family. I understand that Norma also wrote back to Mr. Slotten.

The Mosel family came from Boitzenberg, Mecklenber-Schwerin which is on the Elbe river in the Hamburg Germany area. It was part of East Germany after the war, The Elbe river was the dividing line.

Mosel came from Boitzenberg, Mecklenber-Schwerin which is on the Elbe River in the Hamburg Germany area.
It was part of East Germany after the war, The Elbe river was the dividing


Heinrich Johann Christian Theodor Wilhelm Mosel
Born Hintershagen 8/28/1864, Baptised 9/11/1864 Boitzenburg O/T Elbe
Evangelical Lutheran Congregation.
Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Mosel
(Tax collector)
wife, Catharina Elisabeht Hanne nee Tofelde

Military Service Record says Hinterhagen Circle Hagenow

A Release for emmigration signed 3/28/1894 good for 6 months from

The family for Johann Heinrich as we believe it to be. Johann was born
in 1839 and died in 1939 at 100 plus. All sons of the listed children were lost in the war most in Russia as old letters indicate.

1. Heinrich
2. Herman
3. Paul
4. Johannes Anna Schuhardt
5. Wilhelm
6. Karl
7. Emma

Heinrich/Emma Mosel

Henry 1891 Germany
William Iowa
Fred/Fritz Iowa

Heinrich/ ? This marriage has 9 children with Laura being the oldest.

Laura, Paul, Carl, Alfred, Frank, Ernest, ?, ?, ?. This is what I think
it might be, but have never asked and Wife does
not know all and her mother has no interest. The only one to stay in
Iowa was Henry. Henry did go up to Minnesota
and see the other members. When Henry died in 1985 only Laura, Carl and
Paul were alive according to his obit.

Emma died in 1900 in Dawson Twp, Greene County, Iowa (Near Paton).
Final citizenship papers for 1901 are also
located in Geene county at the court house in Jefferson. I have a copy
that was made by one of the sisters for me.
The data from Germany was translated by one of the German professors
from Wartburg College, Waverly, Iowa.
I have only the translated data.

Henry Mosel/Louise Naefke
(Parents Henry Naefke/Louise Saucke)
(Henry baptised as Henrich Friederich Wilhelm Mosel
on 5/3/1891 at Blechede.)

Ione Lusmann
Doloris Ness

Ione Mosel/Herman Lusmann

Marsha/Lynn Subbert (See Subbert Later)

John Subbert/Fern Stoolman

Mardell Law
Verl R Subbert/Audrey Gollwitzer (Verl 3/4/1925-5/2/1996)
Mary Jo
Dale (Died before 1996)

Hawkins I believe to be children of Kathy from Obits.

Reading Twp Other

Frank Luhman/Bertha Burger Settled in 1891 Frank born 1882 Germany

Henry Schroeder.Dorthea Naefke Henry Born 1874 Germany

John Meyer/Margaretha Peterson John Born 1856 G

Nafeke/Saucke came in 1883/1884 and later Naefke in 1889 Referenced to
Hanover Germany at one point.

I have only started working with this family, so organization is still in
progress. I was working on my side of the family
and only pulled data for this side because I was in the tapes. I did my
research on Calhoun County at the
Rockwell City library since that is where the geneological data is
located. If you have data that is for 1925,
the state census lists the parents of individuals if they filled it in
correctly which is not allways the case.
The library has tapes for 1870, 1880, 1885,1895,1900,1905,1910,1920, and
1925, They also have the plat
maps and cemetary data plus obituary index plus newspaper tapes. The
Lusmann's are still in Farnhamville
but I have not talked to any of them in a couple of years. Not home long
enough to see everyone unless a scheduled activity since both families are located there. Hopefully this will get some things clear. The answers
to some of your questions will have to be done by the Henry Mosel
sisters, but my mother in law has no interest
in this. I need to find the correct one and probably can get other
data. Still working on updating Family Tree Maker to put all notes in. This is the first effort put into the family so is
taking time to compile. I do know the cousins that
are my age who are the grandchildren of Henry Mosel.
The data for the Seil, Nammany and others will have to wait until I can
view a tape at the FHC if it is still here.> --

12, 2001 7:18 AM

[More editing to be done]

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