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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Members of the Eight Colonists - Meyer, Heins, Seil , und Luhmann emigrated to Lohrville, Iowa

Welcome to my site about the Colonists from Oldendorf, Nahrendorf who settled around the area of Farnhamville, Iowa.

Some of our ancestors came to America from Eichdorf and Oldendorf. While they lived at Oldendorf, and worked as park rangers in Roethen. They attended the Luth. church at Nahrendorf.

They emigrated to Lohrville, Calhoun county, Iowa. Four years later they moved. In Calhoun county Iowa they attended a church near Farnhamville, Iowa. The church was St. Peters ev. Lutheran church. This picture is of the main street in Farnhamville, Calhoun county, Iowa.

The street looks like any other small town street.

My father said there was a "colony" of eight members, who came from germany to Farnhamville, Iowa. Most of the eight people of the Colony came from Oldendorf.

1. Ernst, Friedrich Luhmann - Eichdorf und Bleckede. Bargmoor- Emigrated april 1892 (Frau Schmidt.)
2. Hch. Saucke - Oldendorf.Emigrated 1883. [Frau - Wolters und Daetz familien name.]
3. Juergen Hch. Wilhelm Meyer - Oldendorf, Rothen. Emigrated Feb. 1884 He worked at Gut Horndorf.
4. Fritz Schroeder - Oldendorf or Nahrendorf.Emigrated 1883.[Frau Mary] Schwester Marie from Duebbekold.
5. Naefke Dick and Dora. Emigrated 1889.
6. August Friedrich Wilhelm Seil - Born * 1848 from Dahlenburg and Gross Thondorf. He labored at Nuedlitz. oo Married Katharine Dorothea Maria Elisabeth Korn. [ Information of family in the Heinrich Porth and Gunda Freisch book of Familienkunde [OFB] Himbergen, Uelzen.] emigrated 1873 ??
7. Juergen Hch. Friederich Meyer - emmigrated from Oldendorf
in April 1869. His father worked at Roethen as a park warden.
8. Henry Seil geb. about *1859. Emigrated 1883. 00 Married Marie Ahrens. Emigrated 1891. Of Oldendorf?? [Nahnsen branch]
These people also attended the St. Peters ev. Lutheran church near Farnhamville, Iowa.

Herman Lussman; Heinerich Mosel from Boitzenburg. Schmugge, und Frau # 2- Drinkhahn; Grote- Hagemann. Froelich / Mugge
Henry Dohrmann.
Diedrich (Dick), Ahrens.

Our family became so involved with this area of Iowa through the marriages with the family Nahnsen. I will have more on that at another time. I can give you links if you like. email me. arootdiggerat

I will come back and add more about all of these colony members from the church Nahrendorf. Some may have history still to be found through Dannenberg, and the Darchau archives.
Some of the people from Oldendorf, Nahrendorf first went to Joliet, Will county, Illinois. Fritz Schroeder and Wilhelm Seil.

The family of Heinrich or Henry Dohrmann also went to Joliet, Will county Illinois.

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