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Thursday, October 9, 2008

THIS IS YOUR LUCKY DAY. THIS IS THE FIRST SHOWING OF THIS DOCUMENT OF THE ERNST LUHMANN BRANCH OF SCHWIEBRECHT LUHMANN family tree that came from the Bleckede area near the Eichdorf family LUHMANN. It is a copy of the original rough sketch. Handwritten in german.

Note: Friedrich Burmeister an eighty three year old man at the time of his research for me stated the name was Schmiebrecht. In the other information on the Luhmann family members at Eichdorf that I received from Hans Kregel, the name was stated as Schwiebrecht. Also make note of the information given in Heinrich Borstelmann's book for the orts area of Eicdorf. I would tend to go along with that spelling

I will spend more time on this chart above of family history. I will give you links to my Luhmann family records at

A Rootdigger: July 2008.

There is a bit of repeating of some of the church documents. You can go into august or go back to June for more of the family. There is plenty on the Meyer family at Oldendorf. There you will find Saucke.

A Rootdigger: Genealogy of the Family of Juergen Friedrich Meyer with Luhmann Ancestors


A Rootdigger: A Rootdigger Gets More Church Records In Answer To Her Questions: "Nr.5/1877 [Marriage record]Trauregister
Johann Jurgen Friedrich Lussmann, Taegelohner bisher unverheirat. zu Oldendorf mit Meyer, Wilhelmine Katherine zu Oldendorf getr. am. 5.Nov.1877.... Die burgerlich Eheschliessung hat am 5.Nov.1877. [von der Stamdisbeamten zu Nahrendorf stattgfunden.]"

A Rootdigger: Dorothea Luman of Nebraska from zu Eichdorf: "Wednesday, July 23, 2008
Dorothea Luman of Nebraska from zu Eichdorf

The sister of my Catharina Margaretha Luhmann.

Do you love getting church records. I do. It's like getting a gold mine. A reap of information worth their weight in gold.
My Catharina Margaretha Luhmann married Juergen Friedrich Meyer geb.* 1814. + died 1879.
I have the church records of her with her mother and father included. Only one child - Catharina Margaretha was listed. I received this information from the Nahrendorf church through an email. From Herr Bock's research.

It is interesting."

This record has been added to my shoebox at
Hamburger Passagierlisten, 1850-1934 Hamburg Passenger Lists, 1850-1934
about Ernst Luhmann
Name: Ernst Luhmann
Departure Date: 15 Apr 1892
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1811
Age Year: 81
Gender: männlich (Male)
Family: Household members
RESIDENCE: Bleckede, Hannover
Occupation: Landmann

Ship Name: Columbia
Captain: Vogelgesang
Shipping Line: Hamburg-Amerikanische Packetfahrt-Actien-Gesellschaft
Ship Type: Dampfschiff
Accommodation: Zwischendeck
Ship Flag: Deutschland (Germany)
Port of Departure: Hamburg
Port of Arrival: New York

Volume: 373-7 I, VIII A 1 Band 078 - Hamburg Passenger Lists, 1850-1934

If you look here you will see that they are right next to Heinrich Mosel.!! What an amazing discovery. I wonder who else?. My grandmother - Annie Seil came that same year.

Notice: There was that rough sketch of ancestors of Ernst Luhmann family that emigrated to Lohrville. Some of this family later moved to Goodhue county, Minnesota. One sister lived in Murdock in Cass county, Nebraska. Several people still live in the area of iowa by my other relatives in Greene and Calhoun county, Iowa. One Living member, who I have written to lives in Oregon.

Note: Research by Friedrich Burmeister. His stamp is at the bottom of the page.
There are a total of three pages of his research. Handwritten in german. Would anyone care to help me with translation.

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