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Friday, October 10, 2008

Ernst Mahnke on Schiff mit Luhmann, Mosel.

I just thought you might want to know. I should tell you that when blogging our old blogs fall to the bottom. Then each new blog rises to the top of our page. It makes sense.

[Note: So the older blog which states that I found a surprise name linked to my Luhmann immigration to America is a bit lower than this blog. I took out a draft in order to add this in.]

Heck, I was surprised to see Heinrich or Heinerich Mosel family on the same ship. His 1st wife Emma was from Bleckede, I hope I recall that correctly. And Heinrich Mosel was from Hinterhagen, Boitzenburg. Herr Christian Friedrich Luhmann [frau] wife was probably from the Bleckede area as well. Her familien name was Schmidt. As for Ernst Luhmann, his spouse information was a bit unclear.
{Note: see the Luhmann chart [further in a post or in archives] given to me by Herr Frd. Burmester of Bleckede.]

Ernst Luhmann's spouse may have been Grothe. Or it may not have been Grothe.
The August Grote family at Farnhamville, Iowa came from Goeddingen. His wife Hagemann came from Niendorf. His Immigration 1889.

Any connection to Herr Ernst Mahnke is possible. I just had to look him up.
His geb. or birth *1878. His destination was New York and he was from Berlin. Which was different than the others listed together in the brackets.
Information on birth found at = *Nov.1877

Census 1900

In 1920 Census,
Mahnke, Ernest
Spouse: Mary
Child: Edna *1906
Residence: Colfax township, Webster Iowa

State of Iowa census 1925 -

This Ernst Mahnke family has been recorded in a Family Tree at Ancestry.
Kahler & Wonder; Public Member Tree; Unsourced

Name: Ernst Mahnke
Birth: 1877 - Germany
Death: 10 Jun 1935 - Fort Dodge, Webster, IA (Iowa)
Spouse: Maria Dencklau b.* 3.03.1818 Webster, Iowa.
Eltern, Parents:
Joachim Frd. Dencklau, Caroline Flamme.

Owner of that tree is code name Ken5555. He has been a member of that post since year 2000.
Dallas in usa.??
[Sorry I did not spend enough time on this.]

Ernest Mahnke
1933 p.97 Born Geb.1877
Colfax township, Webster county
Grave records

Others in neighborhood:
Family members familen name Dencklau.

His wife, frau was probably Marie Dencklau

2 children:
Edna Marie Mahnke *1902, +1921
Elsa Anna Luise Mahnke *1900- +1971

Immigration: 1892
RESIDENCE: township Colfax in Webster county, Iowa.

Perhaps this is the wrong Ernest Mahnke? Maybe he stayed in New York.

So far that is all the information that I have. If you wish to correct me or add or further inquiries; please do so.
just me

[Should be Edited with further developments, comments, etc. ]

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