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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Meyer families Church Seal, [Siegel.]

I made a major mistake yesterday. I suppose with my luck it will circulate forever! I never should have recreated the church of Nahrendorf Seal. I was uneasy all night.
The word difference was Kirohensiegel and Nahrendorf. That was all.

Now, even though I have to go into work early today, I am going to show you the best copy I have of the original copy. I found it in the Meyer/ Luhmann binder. I regret that the right side is cropped too close. If only I had adjusted to make up for the left side margin being so wide. But for now it is something we have to put up with until I can find the original. I only hope it is in a safe place. Which, I suppose was the original intention. But at least now we have the original view. The folds had gotten so bad that I did make a major error. I glued another paper on to the back of it to make it more secure. I suspect it was not the right kind of glue. I don't know what to do about it any more. I think the damage has been done. I am very sorry.

So now, here is the body of the document with a scan done years ago. Again, Sorry about everything cropped too close. At least the entire right side is there. Nothing is cut off. I will find the original while I finnish my filing of my many boxes of papers. [I am sure you get the picture.]
The document is actually a yellowed paper. This scanner program really sucks. I can not usually get a parched look nor sepia. This is just not the true color. It shouldn't be pink. but then it is better than lavender or green tones.

We do see the name Anna Maria and then something that looks like johanaus and then Henke or Hencke.

A copy of a enlargement. The side are shortened even more, but we can see most of the words better! Now lets see, if we can understand the words better.

We need to see the names of Johan Heinrich Heins, Juergen Heinrich Wilhelm Meyer [ born *1843] and Anna Maria Henke, Maria Dorothea Heins [born *1851] or even Heinss. Possibly Juergen Friedrich Meyer and Cathrina Margarethea Luhmann,


Anonymous said...

Hello, the text of the first letter: Auszug
aus dem Geburts- und Taufbuch
der Parochie Nahrendorf
Jahrgang 1881 Seite 245 Nr. 24
Heinrich Friedrich Hermann Meyer, Sohn des Häuslers Jürgen Heinrich Wilhelm Meyer Oldendorf und dessen Ehefrau Marie Dor.? geborene Heins, ist geboren in Oldendorf den 27. April 1881 und getauft den 8. Mai 1881? Nahrendorf den 22. Februar 1884 Siegeltext: Kirchensiegel Nahrendorf
of the birth- and baptismbook
of the parish Nahrendorf
year 1881 page 245 nr. 24
Heinrich Friedrich Hermann Meyer, son of the housling (farmhand) Juergen Heinrich Wilhelm Meyer and his wife Marie Dor? nee Heins, is born in Oldendorf April 27, 1881 and baptized May 8th.1881?
Nahrendorf, February 22 1884
text of the seal: churchseal (Kirchensiegel, the c looks like an o, but its a C) Nahrendorf

text of the second and third document:
Marie Dorothea Heins, Tochter des B? Johann Heinrich Heins und dessen Ehefrau Anna Marie geborene Henke, ist geboren in ? den 3. Juni 1851 und getauft den 5. Juni 1851. Nahrendorf, 22. Februar 1884

Marie Dorothea Heins, daughter of the (profession, for deciphering I need a better copy)Johann Heinrich Heins and his wife Anna Marie nee Henke, is born in ?(here I also need a better copy), the 3rd June 1851 and baptized 5th June 1851.
Nahrendorf, February 22nd 1884


A rootdigger said...

Thank you Matt. I am grateful. Maria Dorothea Heins or Heinz name was originally Heinss.was born in Cruetzen or Kruetzen Crützen [ I havent seen aumlaut used ] which is by Munster in Muden Oertze.Trauen. Fassberg today. One of her grandmothers Winkelmann lived in Sültingen with umlaut would be translated as Sueltingen. As you can see I dont seem to get the districts correctly understood. they combine and change it later and it becomes more complex to me. And I consider the area to be Soltau Fallingbostel.

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